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How to Boost Your Bankroll in Online Poker for Free?

Posted on February 13, 2020 by John Harris

The gaming world of real online poker has been a profitable venture for both gaming operators and poker players due to the insurmountable stakes involved in this mind sport. Today, India has embraced this industry with a lot more fervor and optimism than earlier and the domestic poker circuit is able to churn its own share of profits through this mind boggling skill sport. 

We know reigning on the felts of online poker tables is not an easy do and requires in-depth game study, applying reverse psychology on your opponents with a stroke of luck to push you forward in dire situations. As such, focusing on your game must be your top priority in case you wish to make the switch to real money online poker in near future. In this blog, we shall help you aim higher by finding ways to boost its supporting mechanism “bankroll” from scratch and max your earnings for free and low risk at the birth of your online real money poker venture.

Free Online Poker Winnings for Beginners

If you are new to the online poker realm or are someone who enjoys an occasional game or two with friends, let us tell you, online poker is much faster and action oriented due to more hands per hour and requires quick thinking. So, it’s strictly business here and there’s no room for leisure. 

Thus, players who are looking to earn real money through free online poker must set their goals in accordance. As we talked earlier, a mind sport like poker requires sufficient practice and enough real time experience with a variety of opponents to truly identify one’s strengths and weaknesses in the game. In this regard, we suggest you play as many free online poker games for a while before you consider diving into the real money world. 

However, if earning money during free games really boosts your drive, we can recommend you one such portal called PokerBaazi where you can play free online poker and win real money prizes at once through its Leaderboard Rewards. Please bear in mind, finishing high on the Leaderboards too shall require a certain level of expertise on the game. 

Free Entry Tournaments by PokerBaazi

PokerBaazi (PB) is an Indian gaming portal that launched Free Entry Tournaments (FETs) worth INR 30LAC for recreational players in 2020 with an attractive collection of monthly Leaderboard Rewards such as flagship smartphones, Bluetooth speakers and real cash bonus for monthly top performers. These tournaments are hosted online on the PokerBaazi app every 30 minutes round the clock all year round. 

Leisure players may enjoy these ideal unlimited opportunities to become more consistent performers and win awesome rewards every month. Leaderboard ranks and rewards tend to act as tangible means to monitor one’s individual performance over the course of time. 

Real Poker Online- Bang for the Bucks

Cut to real money online poker. This is the real zone where the potential of poker is realized to its possible best. Strategies for real money online poker games must be quite deep, solid and advanced that must include quick adjustments during sudden swings and value betting your opponent’s hands to the max. Once you know these angles inside out, you may consider making the switch to real poker online games and tournaments. But, there’s one thing missing here- bankroll.

Tips to Build your Bankroll for Real Poker Online Tournaments

  1. An effective low risk window that new players can use to build their bankroll without putting out too much is by playing Freerolls and cash games. 
  • Playing in real poker online cash games has its own perks. In most cash games, you buy in chips with your own money and so, the blinds do not increase. Plus, you can leave whenever you want after you think you have enough in your kitty for the day. 
  • Real poker online cash games also generate less competition due to limited seats and offer higher winning chances as opposed to tournaments where you are rewarded according to your position in the Leaderboard.
  • Low to Mid stakes real poker online cash games also offer more flexibility of time, lots of action and steady profit that can build your bankroll quick. You can use the same later to aim for the BIG win in tournaments with attractive prize pools. 
  1. Freerolls are the stepping stone for players who are at the very dawn of their poker journey. 
  • The best feature about Freerolls is that you get the continuous opportunity to improve your game in zero risk ambiance and also win some bucks for free. 
  • Plus, if you manage to win a big Freeroll, it’s great progress in the current situation. Even final tabling in freerolls can add to your bankroll. In any way, it’s a win-win deal for new real money players with no investment on the player’s end. If your current game resonates with this situation, start playing the FETs on right away to build your bankroll from scratch. 

PB is one of the best play money poker sites where you may enjoy a generous head start in your poker career right from the moment ‘go’.  The online portal also hosts Sit ‘N’ Go cash games of various stakes to cater to players at different stages of their poker adventure. It shall enhance your gaming experience through an all-inclusive set of features on the app.

  • Available for download on both android and iOS platform with an instant play option for test running games. This option lets you play instant online poker with no app download at all. 
  • The app is lightweight, highly interactive and responsive offering uninterrupted online gaming at all times.
  • It practices responsible gaming and fair play through an internationally certified RNG.
  • The app secures online transactions for real poker online tournaments and cash games with bank -grade security that keeps your financial data secure from alien threats. 
  • Its tournament and rewards tie ups is one of the best in the industry.

These are some prerequisites that a poker platform must have in order to offer seamless and trustworthy gaming to players with minimum negative encounters so that you focus more your game and less on the portal. 

Key Thoughts to Maximize Your Earnings

The above pointers should be helpful for new real money online poker players to figure out a distinct road to boost their bankroll from scratch. While freerolls have their perks, cash games are always fun and more giving in terms of earnings. Having said that, every player eventually develops a taste to a certain kind, we suggest you try different variants of the game on a trusted portal and ultimately zero in on the kind that literally speaks to you and reflects your style on all levels.  

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned. Good Game!

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