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How to Get Serious About Golfing

Posted on March 06, 2020 by Martin Banks

People have long thought of gold as a great way to make business connections, get some exercise and enjoy a pleasant afternoon. It’s also one of the most challenging sports around to truly master. Making the leap from casual golfer to competitor takes effort. 

What separates a serious golfer from a weekend warrior? Time might be the most critical factor. You’ve got to play a lot to get your bearings. However, there are things you can do on top of practicing that will help elevate your game. 

Take Lessons

Instruction is a vital part of golf at any level. You can probably remember the story of Tiger Woods re-engineering his swing after already winning a bunch of majors and prestigious tournaments. A golf pro or instructor can observe and develop your swing in ways you’ll rarely identify on your own. Whether you’ve already worked with an instructor or have yet to try it, it’s an essential part of becoming confident. 

Play More

This one’s simple. As we said, you’re going to have to go to the links as much as possible for your game to really develop. All that walking adds up, and we’re all for exercise, but you might want to invest in a quality cart if it helps turn your 9-hole games into 18 or 36. Those reps are essential.

Improve Your Short Game

Watching the ball fly off the face of your driver might be one of the most glamorous parts of golf. It’s the short game, however, that comprises the majority of the time you spend on the links. Master your approach shot and putting, and you’ll be more likely to succeed in tournament play where every swing counts. 

Know the Rules

“I know the rules of golf!” you say. Yet do you? What happens when your golf ball falls off the tee? What’s the difference between water and lateral hazards? As you progress in your development and begin to play competitively, the small things that went unattended to in a friendly game between buddies could come back to haunt you. If you don’t already own a rulebook, you should probably get a pocket-sized one that you can carry in your bag. 

Travel to New Courses

Do you think race car drivers become professionals by lapping the same set of corners every Sunday? Far from it. Learning to manage a variety of different holes will push you to expand your game, plus visiting new courses is fun! No matter what you do to change it up, you’ll gain perspective on your strengths and weaknesses. 

Get Serious About Golf Today 

Golf is one of the most nuanced games in the public eye today. The fact that we’re still fascinated by a sport from the 15th century speaks to just how difficult it is to get right! You’ll find there’s a lot to learn, so make sure you have fun along the way. Just remember, everyone out there with you is on the same journey. 

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