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Aspects of Slots That Make Them Addictive

Posted on March 12, 2020 by Lisa Turnbull

Whether its playing slots at a land based traditional casino or online, slots can become addictive.

They are easy to play and understand, can have easy wins and are extremely popular whereas compared to typical casino games such as Roulette or Poker, which are more complex and require more skill and strategy. 

Online slots at are also more accessible so are actually much easier to become so addictive. Players can pick up their phone, their laptop or their tablet and happily have a quick spin. Online slots usually also offer higher pay out percentages, a variety of games and higher jackpots whereas land based traditional casinos just cannot compete with. 

The addiction, of course, comes from the opportunity to win. Games with less than ten pay lines are not so popular now in new releases whereas games with as many as twenty pay lines and the new structure of 243 (two hundred and forty three ways to win) make the games more competitive and gives a bigger adrenaline rush. Some games now even offer 1024 (one thousand and twenty four ways to win). In summary three or more symbols appearing in these games is fairly certain to produce a winning combination. 

Hand in hand with multiple pay lines, slot game developers now include bonus features, additional games that players can get too following a win, Wild symbols making a win easier and Scatter symbols also giving huge benefits.  Free spins offer exactly that, the player the opportunity to spin some more without having to invest any money. Auto play also has an addictive feel to it. Newer games sometimes turn things around and rather than the Wild overriding every other symbol except the Scatter they can now move reels, appear at random with no strategy and take the player to a whole new level of additional bonus games. 

Let’s not forget a progressive slot game too. It is illegal for the casino, whether online or land based traditional, not to advertise the potential jackpot and there is no better way of doing so than illuminating it in bright lights with lots of noise and action surrounding it. A progressive jackpot can pay out millions for sometimes a very small stake. Think of Chris Heywood who paid 0.25p and won over £13million in Mega Moolah! Is it any wonder a progressive slot game can be more addictive than a non-progressive. 

All slot machines run on a random number generator, it is what makes them strategically challenging. It ensures that the machine pays out at random; very useful when it is a progressive slot as there is no knowing just when the jackpot will be hit and that the game cannot be fixed in anyone’s favour. All that said, some players are determined that they can beat the system and RNG’s can be seen as addictive.  

Ultimately the addictiveness is down to the individual player. It is knowing when to stop or rather not stop that leads to an addiction.  

Are Slots More Addictive at Night?

Since slot games have become a method of relaxation and comfort, studies revealed that most players engage in gaming sessions at night. However, since they are so easily accessible, many tend to enjoy the features and excitement throughout the day, even while at the office.

Since the RNG keeps the rewards random, it’s hard to tell if the game you’re playing will deliver a win at a certain time of day. Therefore, slots have become addictive throughout the day, especially with mobile gaming that allows access anywhere within seconds.

We all know that feeling of walking on the casino floor with a card filled with casino credits. It’s almost as if you need to play the next game you see. The atmosphere on the casino floor is charged with excitement as most players come to play at night after work to unwind and have fun. Well, with online casino games, the same feeling applies, only now you can access them at any time and from anywhere. Therefore, a moment of relaxation or taking a break from work presents an opportunity to “select a game at random.”

When you arrive home in the evening and simply want to relax, you may think that the best way to do it is with a few casino games, especially when you have funds in your casino account. Nowadays, weekends at home hold the chance of winning real money, all while you’re relaxing on the couch with your favorite series playing in the background. Mobile and online gaming provide many new advantages, not only with its technology but with convenience as well.

So, the time of day doesn’t really influence when games are most addictive. Instead, it relates to when you have a free moment and the cash in your casino account is itching to gain some more winnings.

Are Online Casinos More Addictive?

Land-based casinos still possess a few benefits of their own, but when it comes to playing more games, gaining extra rewards, and having access to regular new releases, there’s no match when comparing to online casinos.

Firstly, online casinos have an edge when it comes to operational and overhead costs. Unlike land-based casinos, they require far less staff. They don’t necessitate physical gaming machines and they aren’t limited by floor space. That’s why online casinos can offer a much higher payout percentage and still gain a massive overall profit.

To you, the player, this also comes with many benefits. Not only do you gain the opportunity to access the casino without traveling, you can also play all the same or similar games that you would normally find at a land-based casino. In addition, you will also be able to benefit from being exposed to many other, newer games at a much earlier date. Furthermore, online casino promotions are unique, giving you free cash with most of your deposits, which is once again not something a land-based casino can afford to do.

The list of online benefits can stretch for much longer, but you get the idea. Online casinos have a lot more to offer and remain extremely convenient with everything from quick, easy registration to playing games and making withdrawals. Therefore, they’ve become a lot more accessible which makes them more addictive than land-based casinos, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it should be considered as a benefit, since online establishments feature many great opportunities to enjoy vast gaming entertainment and winning possibilities.

Our Thoughts

Clearly, slots are addictive by pure design and, whether you prefer to play them online or at your favorite brick and mortar casino, you will be able to find something that is tailor-made for your specific needs.

We’ve looked at the effects of RNG’s, time, layout and structure on the addictiveness of slots, as well as the effects of online casino gaming. However, ultimately it really boils down to you, the player knowing your own particular limits and needs so that you can always enjoy a positive and rewarding slots gaming experience.

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