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How to Tailgate Like a Pro

Posted on April 01, 2020 by Martin Banks

Tailgating might be a pastime for some. But to the truly faithful, it’s nearly a profession. Gameday rituals must be observed, and it takes more than a hurried grocery run and a few folding chairs to make a memorable tailgate party.

Crafting a gameday experience that gets you and your friends hyped up for the big game, well-fed and in prime position to move the party right on into the stadium requires planning and commitment. We submit to you our five tips on how to host the ultimate tailgate party. Do these things and you can’t lose!

Kick Out the Jams

Many teams have their favorite theme songs, but even your favorite sports bar can play some classic rock or hype-up hip hop between commercials to keep spirits high.

Adding some music to your tailgate party is easier than ever thanks to the huge selection of portable wireless speakers on the market. Grab your favorite one, mix up a party-appropriate playlist and get down before the game! You may want to bring some extra batteries or a power bank, since the speaker will probably be turned up loud all afternoon.

Don’t Skimp on Seating

Yes, people want to be active at a tailgate party. But they also need a place to rest and conserve energy for the critical match while enjoying the plentiful spread you’ve provided.

Make sure you have lots of extra seating. Consider some ever-popular inflatable couches, or go for deluxe folding chairs that you can easily stack and shuttle home when you’re done. Cupholders are a must-have, too. And don’t subject your guests to such inhumane treatment as those flimsy deck chairs that have been collecting dust since Dad used ’em in the ’80s.

Grilling Is for the Masses

Bringing along a few bags of potato chips is fine, but you shouldn’t be relying on snack foods at a time when a meal is appropriate. Real tailgaters make their own eats right there in the park.

Wherever it’s allowed, we’re fans of cooking over real wood to give your meats the most flavor possible. Burgers, brats, hot dogs and kebab skewers are just a few of the creations you can share with your guests that will keep them coming back to your tailgaters and not defecting to another camp.

Keep Those Drinks Cold

You can’t talk about tailgating without the mention of a frosty beverage or two. Make sure you’ve got enough cooler space to serve a big crowd, and come prepared with a variety of tasty beverages from craft beer and sodas to all-important water bottles.

Remember that hydration is important — it can be dangerous to go without water on a hot day in the tailgating zone. A well-stocked tailgate ice chest is a sure way to keep your guests happy.

Bring Some Games

Can Jam, Bag Toss, Horseshoes and perhaps your favorite red-cup-based drinking game can all be great ways to pass the time before the big game. It’s also a great way to meet new friends in the lot! Keep your guests from getting stir-crazy and let them burn off some pre-game steam by providing games to play.

Imagine the day. There you are, drink in hand and reclined in your cozy inflatable chair. Your favorite tunes are stoking the good times as your friends enjoy a few rounds of friendly competition to prepare for the afternoon’s contest. And then you pull some flame-grilled goodies off the barbeque. It doesn’t get much better than that! That’s tailgating like a pro.

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