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What’s Brett Favre Doing These Days?

Posted on April 06, 2020 by Martin Banks

Before Aaron Rodgers, the Wisconsinite dynasty that is the Green Bay Packers was led by another legendary gunslinger. Millennials might not recall the glory days of Brett Favre delivering laser-guided long-range passes to Antonio Freeman, Mark Chmura and Donald Driver, but he is one of the league’s few three-year consecutive MVPs and a respected Hall of Fame quarterback.

You might spot Favre appearing on the occasional sporting goods commercial, but if you guessed that he’s got much more going on, you’d be right. So what is your favorite QB up to these days?

Staying Active

It’s not just in the commercials that Favre continues to live up to his athletic past. The 16-season NFL quarterback still covers 100-plus miles per week on his bicycle. 

By the look of him, he could step right in behind center today and do just fine. He’s also taken up competing in triathlons and even an Ironman competition in Key West. 

Favre points out that he’s discovered a love for travel., and has visited such places as Yellowstone National Park with his wife, Deana. 

Ranch, Radio and Community

Favre is the owner of a 465-acre ranch in Mississippi, which he spends time surveying and developing. Unlike many former NFLers, Favre says he never aspired to become a commentator. He prefers radio to television, a preference he attributes to his taste for storytelling. Favre co-hosts an NFL show on Sirius every Tuesday with Bruce Murray.

Number four has lent his famous face to multiple commercials. However, rather than seeking additional time in the limelight, he likes to partner with local businesses to support industries he believes in. He filmed a testimonial for Diamond Mowers, an equipment manufacturer that Favre prefers for work on his own property.

Reflecting on the Impacts of a Long Career

At nearly 50 years old, most people would evaluate Favre as a specimen of health. They would be correct. 

In this age of medical science, however, it’s impossible for an intelligent person who played 16 years of NFL football not to question how his mental health may have been affected by the trauma sustained taking snaps for the Green Bay Packers. 

It’s sobering to hear a man who famously refused to hang up his cleats talk about wondering if he played too many years. As NFLers retire at increasingly younger ages, we may never again see a star of Favre’s caliber remain on the gridiron for as long as he did. While he is quick and astute on his radio show, he talks about getting the opportunity to test for indicators of long-term brain injury and answering, “I’d rather not know.”

Ultimately, Being Pretty Normal

Favre has set himself up to do just about whatever he pleases. Still, he doesn’t let his fame and storied past keep him from what is, ultimately, the life many active young people would probably like to look forward to. He gets to see the world, remain active and do a little traveling with his partner, and living his post-NFL life to the fullest.

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