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Factors to Consider While Buying the Indoor Putting Green

Posted on April 25, 2020 by Zeeshan Khan

If you enjoy playing golf every day, but could not go to the golf course due to heavy rain outside or too sunny out, you do not need to get disheartened. There is a wide range of indoor putting green mats available in the market at the best price. You can choose the one as per your gaming requirements and budget. These mats give ample fun for you to enjoy the golf game to the core with your family and friends right at your home. Many people enjoy playing golf as it helps them to stay healthy and improve the coordination between the hand and eye. The game stands the test of time. People who are familiar with golf techniques and terms would know that they will be able to play the game well when they can putt well.

Putting is the tough part, even for the professional golf player. When you do not have good putting skills, you will lose the valuable score that result in the loss of the game. You must gain perfection in this skill. The players who want to hone the golf playing skills and learn the techniques must go the golf course every day. However, they can’t go to the golf course due to a lack of time or travel constraints. The best thing that can help them out to practice putting is to install Windtree Golf home putting greens right in their home. It is the fun and best way to practice golf game. 

Few factors you can consider when planning to invest in the indoor putting green include:


The input putting green mats that you are going to buy should not be thin or of lower density since it would not give the feeling that you get with the natural grass. The worst thing is that the golf ball will not roll as it rolls on the natural grass. It could take a toll on the speed and flow at which you are practicing. Even though you practice on this mat, it will dip your performance when playing a live game.

You must buy the mats that are thicker and made using synthetic material, which gives the same feel like the grass and allows you to improve your golf gaming skills that fit in your real-time scenario. The synthetic material used in making the green would offer high protection to the putter over the natural one.


Many players do not have enough space in their garden or hall, so they want to put this in the living room or on their deck. No matter whenever you want to use it, but if it is portable, you can carry this along with you to enjoy the game wherever you want. For only a few people, space is a luxury, while for others, there will be little space in which they have to practice and keeps it back rolling up when not in use. It is better to buy the mat that you can roll up after the practice. The size of the mat should be medium so that you can take it out to enjoy golf with friends.

Easy to use

Many people will buy the indoor putting green mats to hone their putting skills. If you do not want to spend a lot of time to put the mat, you can buy the one that is simple to install so that you will have a lot of time to practice the putting technique. You must buy the one that is easy to roll up after practice and store it. The functionality of the mat should be such that you must be able to practice the game like anything.


Though you need to spend some money to buy indoor putting green, buying the one that is made of superior quality material will last longer without you have to invest in it again and again in the future. There are a few people who love to use this mat outdoors to enjoy golf in the fresh air. This is another reason to go and look for a durable mat. 

Easy to maintain

When you maintain the mat, it stays in a top-notch condition and looks fresh. You must not store this mat in the place where it is prone to dust and grime often. You must clean the floor before you roll the mat on the floor. If you maintain it properly, you can improve its longevity.

Essential features

The mat must have an alignment feature that allows you to fine-tune the setup. It is the essential trait that many golfers look for in a golfing mat. The ball return feature will make the ball return to you after you push it into the cup. 

Windtreegolf is selling superior quality indoor putting green mats at incredibly affordable prices. You can get the mats in different designs as per your golf putting needs and budget. We have indoor putting mats for every golf player, be it you are a beginner or a professional one to hone the putting skill. Every mat that is available in our store is made of superior quality material and is durable. 

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