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Putting 101: How To Master The Basics And Putt Like A Pro 1

Posted on November 27, 2022 by John Harris

Whether you’re a new player or have been playing for years, chances are you could use some help improving your game. Putting can be challenging for golfers of all levels; even the best players struggle to consistently hit accurate shots. Instead of thinking that you’re not good enough to putt like a pro, think of it as an opportunity to learn and improve. To be great at anything, you need to practice and make sure you’re always working on your skills. So, read on for some tips to think about in your next training session! 

The Basics 

For all the beginners out there, putting is a golf stroke which is made with a club called a putter. One of the essential skills when putting is ensuring that the putt is lined up; a skilled putter will ensure that the head of the club is aligned to the hole. When putting, the clubhead remains low to the ground, and the ball is hit with a pendulum motion. To control how far the ball goes, the golfer must control the backswing of their club. Hopefully the skills required for putting are a little clearer now, so it’s time to start looking at how any golfer, amateur or pro, can hone their technique. 

Image from @nadiiag on Unsplash


Accurate alignment is the most important part of putting. If you’re unaligned, the ball isn’t going to roll in the correct direction. Not only do you need to align the putter, but you also need to focus on your own stance. First, make sure that the sole of the putter is flat on the ground and that the shaft of the putter is leaning slightly towards the target. Once you’ve established this, move your body parallel to the target line. There should be a slight bend in your knees and a forward tilt in your hips. 

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How to Mentally Prepare for Golf 3

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Martin Banks

When it comes to playing the game of golf — and playing well — skills are only half of the equation. In a professional tournament setting, your mental state greatly influences your swing and how well you’ll play. If you obsess over your technique, fear the next shot or are distracted, your performance will suffer. However, if your mind is strong and your focus is sharp, you can utilize your skills and win tournaments. 

Here’s how to mentally prepare yourself for the green and play your best game of golf.

Practice With Purpose 

Winning tournaments — and mental battles — begins on the practice green. Most golfers try to practice the same way they play in a professional setting. This means they practice with purpose, putting their mind in a real game situation. Doing this can help your brain get its game face on and get accustomed to taking things seriously. Put a little pressure on yourself while you practice and treat every shot like “the one.” 

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Factors to Consider While Buying the Indoor Putting Green 0

Posted on April 25, 2020 by Zeeshan Khan

If you enjoy playing golf every day, but could not go to the golf course due to heavy rain outside or too sunny out, you do not need to get disheartened. There is a wide range of indoor putting green mats available in the market at the best price. You can choose the one as per your gaming requirements and budget. These mats give ample fun for you to enjoy the golf game to the core with your family and friends right at your home. Many people enjoy playing golf as it helps them to stay healthy and improve the coordination between the hand and eye. The game stands the test of time. People who are familiar with golf techniques and terms would know that they will be able to play the game well when they can putt well.

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Why You Should Choose Europe for Your Next Golf Holiday 1

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Harriet Goffman

If you’re seeking world-class golf combined with sun, sea and stunning scenery, a European golf holiday is for you. From PGA and award-winning golf courses to five-star luxury golf resorts, it’s no wonder a visit to continental Europe is on the bucket list of most discerning golfers. 

There is truly something for everyone when you choose Europe for a golfing holiday. Experience playing against the spectacular panoramic sea views of the Spanish coast, the dramatic backdrop of the French Alps or the picturesque lakes of Italy. 

Still stuck as to where to go? The experts at Golf Travel Centre have chosen their top Europe golf destinations and are on hand for any further information. 

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US Open 2019: Best places to stay 0

Posted on March 26, 2019 by Jimmy Hartill

The US Open is just eight weeks away and golfing fanatics will be eagerly anticipating the second major of the year, which promises to be as thrilling as ever. Brooks Koepka is looking to add a third consecutive victory at Pebble Beach; something which hasn’t been achieved since Willie Anderson in 1905.

The American is priced at 18/1 to make it a hat-trick of victories at the golf US Open 2019, and those closely attached to the West Palm Beach native will be watching with keen interest to see if he can pull it off. The rest of the expectant crowd will be watching with intent but for those travelling from afar, where’s the best places to stay near Pebble Beach?

 Monterey Marriott

The Monterey Marriot has been a go-to stop for golfing fans for years now and it’s easy to see why. Located just 5.7 miles from Pebble Beach, the Marriot is perfectly placed for fans travelling to the US Open and offers a variety of different rooms and services. Prices do increase around the time of the Open, but you can expect to pay between £180 and £300 per night, and this includes everything you’d come to expect: free WiFi, room service, restaurant/bar and use of the swimming pool.

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How to Improve a Golf Score Using GPS 0

Posted on March 18, 2018 by Jennifer Collins

golf gpsTo the surprise of many GPS (Global Positioning Systems) have been around for several decades. In fact, GPS units were in use in most of the best golf courses and aided players in improving their score. The reason why GPS units were not so popular in the past is that they were very expensive. However, the growth of technology has seen to it that it is now cheaper to acquire GPS services. If anything, any regular golfer can afford a GPS units today. In this article, we look at some tips on how to improve a golf score using GPS.

Tips for improving your golf score using GPS

Because golf is a sport like any other, you will always want to achieve the highest scores possible. However, it is only through dedication and putting some measures in place that you can achieve that. Here are some GPS tips help you achieve your golfing goals:

1. Courses verification

For a GPS unit to work perfectly, the courses where you will play have to be GPS mapped. Before the game, make sure that you verify your course for better results. You can get this information from the golf course’s website, or you can contact the manager for more information. Do not leave anything to chance.  Read the rest of this entry →

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