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Conservation Tips to Help You Save On Your Energy Bill

Posted on May 14, 2020 by Terra Wilder

Understanding Your Energy Usage and What’s Costing You the Most on Your Utility Bill

If your utility bill keeps creeping up, it’s time to find smart ways to conserve energy. Your first step in this process is to perform an energy audit. Which appliances use the most electricity? Are you paying the best possible rate? Let’s go over the basics. 

Start with The Rate

It’s always a good idea to compare gas prices regularly. The energy industry is highly competitive, and this works in your favor. Review the rate you’re paying at least once a year. Be sure that you’re getting the best possible deal before locking yourself into a contract. 

Now Hunt Down Those Dastardly Devices

Are some devices using more than their fair share of power? Cut them off at the knees by getting an ammeter at the hardware store. You can use this device on any appliance that plugs into an electrical socket. They measure how much current the equipment draws. 

If that doesn’t narrow things down, it’s time to use an older technique. Start by turning off the circuits on your service panel one at a time. If you notice a drop in current usage when you cut one circuit, you’ll know that’s the culprit.

The next step is better with two people. Now you’re going to find all the devices plugged into that circuit. You’ll stay by the meter and get your assistant to turn off each device one at a time. Again, the current usage will drop significantly when your assistant turns off the appliance hogging power.

Benefits of Conserving Energy

The benefits of conserving energy fall into three broad categories – financial, societal, and environmental. Let’s examine each. 


Conserving energy saves you money on your monthly electric bill. Switching over to a renewable energy supply might allow you to claim a tax credit. Finally, energy-efficiency improves the value of your home. 


The downside of using fossil fuels as an energy source is that they’re becoming increasingly scarce. Many reserves exist in countries that have less-than-ideal records in the human rights department. Unfortunately, scarcity means finding a way to deal with less ethical players.

The other side of the coin is that fossil fuels will run out. That’s going to happen sooner rather than later. If we, as one of the largest energy consumers globally, don’t find alternatives, our economy will suffer. 


The primary beneficiary of us using renewable energy is the planet. The impact of the Coronavirus in China was devastating on a financial and societal level. That said, pollution levels in the country were at their lowest levels in decades. People commented on how the smog lifted in some cities for the first time that they could remember.

Fossil fuel energy is dirty energy. While carbon emissions regulations have resulted in some improvements, the overall impact is still negative. The industry is also resource-heavy, requiring a lot of water. Even if you don’t believe in global warming, it’s impossible to argue that fossil-fuel energy is sustainable. 

Conservation Tips to Save You Money

Let’s go through some top energy conservation tips. These tips will save you money and are environmentally-friendly too. 

Check Your Insulation

Checking the weatherproofing on your windows and doors is tedious but can make a huge different on your energy bill. It’s also essential if you want to ensure that your home is more energy-efficient. Windows panes are particularly problematic because a lot of heat escapes through them. 

Glazing, or better yet, double-glazing, prevents energy loss and seals the panes up tightly. The glazing also cuts out the worst of the sun’s glare. Reinforce the effect by installing energy-efficient doors. Don’t forget to check the insulation in the walls and ceiling once in a while as well. 

Replace Your Older Appliances and Lightbulbs

As technology improves, devices become more energy-efficient. When your appliances die on you, look for energy star-approved replacements. If you still use incandescent bulbs, switch over to CFLs or LED lighting. 

Use Smart Air-Conditioning and Heating Tips

For every degree of difference in the temperature between the outside and the inside, you pay extra. Set your temperatures to more moderate levels and use other methods to make up the difference. Ceiling fans and closing the curtains in summer help with the heat. Using blankets and dressing warmly in winter are far better options than heating. 

Perform Proper Maintenance on Major Appliances

Regular maintenance is crucial to your HVAC system. Clogged filters are simple to change out and make a huge difference to efficiency. Your refrigerator can run for years without your help. An annual service, however, will keep it running at optimal efficiency and improve its lifespan.

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