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Here’s How You Can Become an Ultimate Tom Brady Fan

Posted on June 14, 2020 by Muhammad Saood

The reality of life is such that some people are born to stand out and shine. One such person is Tom Brady. Born and raised in a small county in California, Brady took football by a storm. 2000 season marked his rookie year with Patriots as a quarterback and the rest is history. 

Ever since, his performance in those early years of his career, the guy has never disappointed his team and most importantly, his fans. His success cannot be quantified into figures or even words which make him the ultimate icon. You think of NFL, I bet his face is the first that pops up in your mind. If your obsession with Tom Brady is not just limited to the super bowl, you must check the following things out to not just feel but rather be closer to the legend himself. 

  • Merchandise

Tom Brady has been in the limelight for over two decades which means the merchandise would be in abundance. NFL has various items ranging from signed helmets to jerseys he worn while killing it in the stadium on its website for a decent price tag. In addition to that, there are numerous items including coins and bobble heads which might not be signed but they’re a great reminder of your love for him and most importantly, for the game for price as low as fifty dollars. 

Further, with a little research you can also find great, iconic moments captured in photographs in frames which you can hang in your room or even your office showcasing your devotion to the game. 

  • Rookie Cards

Rookie cards are another good that is a great investment if you wish to build a collection. They basically are cards which are printed for each player when they enter the world of sport. The prices of such cards depend on the popularity of the player as well as the years that it has been since it printed. Needless to say, Tom Brady is as famous as someone can get which makes these cards treasure. Few of the top rated Tom Brady rookie cards are as follows: 

  1. 2000 Quantum Leaf Tom Brady RC #343
  2. 2000 Paramount Tom Brady RC #138
  3. 2000 Impact Tom Brady RC #27
  4. 2000 Upper Deck Victory Tom Brady RC #326
  5. 2000 Pacific Tom Brady RC #403
  • Shop his collection

Nobody can ever get enough of TBrady which is why he has various collaborations you can shop from. One of the most affordable collections he has is with Under Armor. From shoes to jerseys to helmets to gloves, you name it the collection has it, that too in the quality handpicked by the legend himself. Moreover, if you don’t play the sport, the collection also has casual tops and bottoms which you can incorporate in your day to day life and express your love for the football god that Tom Brady is without breaking the bank! 

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