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Betting Tips For Beginners

Posted on June 16, 2020 by Bijoy Hembram

Before you start placing a bet on sports, you should think about the money being put at risk then come up with a budget and ensure you adhere to it. Also, acknowledge the fact that your chances of losing as a beginner will always be high. This is almost the same as playing football with your friends using a portable mini soccer goal – there are losers and winners.

Here are some factors to consider as a betting beginner,

  1. Analyze the game

Before placing any bets, it is advisable to take time in analyzing the team and player match day buildup. Listen to the pundit’s opinions about the match squad and check to see the form of each player. This knowledge will be essential to your betting plans.

  • Work on a budget

A beginner should have a budget that he/she should strictly stick to. Set aside a certain amount as your monthly betting stake to prevent you from overspending during betting. There is nothing wrong with losing a bet but it will become one, once you start losing a lot of it.

  • Favorites vs underdogs

When the odds’ maker releases a betting line, they decide which team has higher chances of winning and which one has lower chances thus the terms favorites and underdogs. The one with higher chances of winning will have fewer odds than the underdogs

  • Over and under

These are the combined number of points to be accumulated in the game by the two teams. Bettors place the bet on whether the total scores will go above or below the total.

  • Watch many games

This helps you to make better betting decisions as one will acquire betting knowledge such as player statistics. Watching these teams frequently in action gives a better insight and it helps us access some key factors in the process.

  • Bet for the appropriate reasons

Betting just for the sake of it is a bad idea. You should put in mind that this is an investment, and like other investments, betting requires consistency, knowledge, and enough research before venturing into the risk.

  • Use online sites

These are the best way to place a bet on soccer. Most options come behind it as it is safe, has better odds, consists of numerous competitions, and has high bonuses and rewards. However, you should be keen while betting as not all sites are good enough.

  • Choose the right bookmarker

Beginners are discouraged from picking just any bookmarker. Having a good one ensures a smooth transaction. Check for the payment methods provided and also go through the reviews. Once you are contented, you can now strike a deal with them.

  • Check for better odds

This is mostly made possible when betting online. Here, all you do is take extra time in searching for the best odds and place your bet with the site that has the biggest odds. This is an easy habit to form and when used appropriately, there is going to be a difference in your final results.


It is hard for beginners to make huge profits but these methods will come in hand in ensuring you have basic information that will help you become a pro in betting later on.

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