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How Are Football Stadiums Going To Look Post Pandemic?

Posted on June 15, 2020 by John Harris

The Coronavirus pandemic has left us all in shock. As much as it has caused harm to the lives of thousands of people, it hasn’t done any less damage to various sectors of our economy. The entertainment sector, especially the sports world, is facing a massive set back because of the infamous horrors of COVID-19. If we talk about Football mainly, the loss is immeasurable. It might be hard to digest, but Football stadiums will have a whole new look after the pandemic settles down. What’s worse is that changes are inevitable, mainly this one. While we don’t know what is exactly going to change in football stadiums, here are a few presumptions.

Image Credit: Betway

Empty for a few months 

It is well known to everyone that the current situation around us doesn’t permit traveling for our own sake. Stepping out of the house these days is nothing short of a challenge. We barely go out to buy essential commodities. Now, if we talk about football stadiums, it is pretty much evident that they are going to be empty for quite a while now, given the pandemic. Even after it is over, which doesn’t seem to be happening any sooner, people will shy away from going out to watch matches. Large gatherings of people are not allowed, anyway. So, fans will have to make do with viewing live matches on television until we are given further notice. 

Filling up slowly over time ensuring safety

Needless to say, but football fans have a significant role in generating revenue for the sports world. When the stadiums are full back to back, you know that the industry is making massive amounts of profit. However, all of that has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus. Not a lot of great football matches have been held in the past few months, and even if there were some, they didn’t notice a lot of audiences. People have been avoiding going to crowded places for all the right reasons. However, this can not go on forever. The pandemic will end one day or the other, and perhaps we will have to adjust in the current situation. So, it is very much possible that football stadiums will gain their full audience gradually but with precautions, of course. 

Major changes in seating and entrance 

Coronavirus has taught us a lot of essential lessons about hygiene and sanitation. We can not afford to ignore them if we care about our life because carelessness might prove to be fatal for an awful lot of us. So, it is reasonable to witness people wearing masks, washing their hands often, and maintaining social distancing. Various associations in charge of conducting football matches will have to make sure that the audiences are following these rules above in the stadiums. This might turn out to be the only way to welcome the public to the football stadiums again and support the industry. 

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