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5 Surprise Health Benefits of Being Short

Posted on June 27, 2020 by Zeeshan Khan

Were you tired of not getting new clothes in your growing age for being short in height? Were you often bullied by your classmates because of your height? My question here is why to take the stress of things that are not in your hands? Rather one must recognize the positive aspects of such so-called“flaws”. The word “flaws” here does not justify reality. In the sight of God, there is no one short or tall, white, or black. He loves and rewards one whose morals are the best. One must accept the reality and bow before God’s will. His every creation, we find flaws and virtues, advantages, and disadvantages. This general health blog like Huffpost is very useful where you will find some very surprising health benefits of being short:

Low risk of Cancer

People with short height suffer less from cancer. Studies have shown that there is a 5% greater risk of cancer with every increase in 6’inches of height. The types of cancer most common in tall people are prostrate, ovarian, kidney, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers.To understand the reason behind short people less prone to cancer is that, in short people,there is low growth of cells as compared to tall people, and cancer is the result of multiplying more and more cells, resulting in greater risks of cancer in tall people.

Low risk to suffer from VTE”

There is a chronic condition of blood clotting, medically termed as “venous thromboembolism” which is most likely to happen in tall people. It starts with the formation of blood clots along with symptoms like severe pain and swelling in one leg. Then, it brings with it, the heart palpitation, chest pain, shortness of breath. The reason for short people not suffering such condition is the blood doesn’t have much space in short limb to travel and becomes clot.

Short People are less Injury-Prone

No doubt, tall people get more injured than short people. The reason is quite simple that they accidentally get hit to anything while walking, running, or standing. However, studies have shown that short people get less injured as compared to tall people if they fall from the same height. Mostly, short people body is much composed and their muscles and ligaments are well constructed to their bone. Short people are less prone to postural dysfunctions. This helps to prevent muscle imbalances. This is the major reason for short people being less prone to injuries.

Greater life span

The faster is the growth of cells, the faster the process of aging for an individual. A tall person gets more prone to wrinkles and cracks in bones as compared to a short person of that age. This means the life expectancy of a tall person is usually lesser than a short person. The simplest way to understand this fact is that everything grows slower in short a short person. It is slow in multiplications of body cells. Ultimately, the body organs age slower. Thus, a short person would age slower, thus there would be an increased in his life expectancy. Thus, short benightedness and longevity are interconnected with each other.

Low Risk of Back pain

Tall people often suffer a lot due to their unbalanced posture. Most of them get a hunchback that looks very awkward physically. Most of the time, tall people do not pay much attention to their usual posture like sitting, standing, and lying in a bed, etc. Many times, the room furniture doesn’t get fit according to their height. Therefore, we see backbone problems like sciatica, lumbar disc herniation in tall people that can lead to severe pain and chronic illness related to their backbone. We have seen many tall people with such body posture. On the other hand, short people have always been trying to stay straight and upright. This habit saves them from any kind of backbone problems.

Thus, being short is not a curse or any kind of flaw. It is just a physical appearance and has nothing to do with one’s mental capabilities. There are examples of many successful stories of short heightened people in history whose names have been written in golden words in history.

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