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Six Ways to Tone Your Body

Posted on August 31, 2020 by John Harris

If you’re going through weight loss right now, you may worry about the skin you are going to be left with when you lose it. It’s a valid worry: fast weight loss can sometimes equal sagging skin, and the only way to truly avoid it is if you include toning workouts alongside your cutting calories. Sure, you may still have some skin that sags a little, because of gravity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get into shape.

You may want to tone your body with the best butt exercises, or you may see that running is going to get you the lithe legs you long for. Either way, you need to think about toning your body and getting into the perfect shape in your eyes. So, let’s take a look at six ways you can tone your body and feel fantastic!

  1. Weights. Believe it or not, most people aren’t a fan of using weights to tone their bodies, especially women. We hear “weights” and we think big, buff, Arnie Schwarzeneger types. The thing is, women don’t become bulky unless they supplement with testosterone for muscle growth. Lifting weights can help you to tone up pretty quickly, so start there with a personal trainer in the gym, then strike out on your own.
  2. Home Workouts. You may not have the time to get to the gym, but you can always find half an hour a day to do a workout at home. Wake up a little earlier, or take a slice out of your day before you prep your meals. You can buy weights for the house and look into home workout videos without even leaving the house.
  3. Add Protein. If you want to fill your calorie allowance with snacks, turn to those that are protein rich. You can start your meal planning with a protein in each meal, and build around it. Even if you are vegetarian, there are plenty of ways to add protein to a diet that is mostly plant-based.
  4. Try Cardio. Cardiovascular exercise ramps up your heart rate, and enough of it can give you a leaner look. Walking, swimming and aerobics at home such as HIIT workouts will help. They will strengthen your system and burn your calories quickly. All of this together will boost your metabolism rate at the same time.
  5. Healthy Carbs. We wouldn’t advocate cutting anything out of your diet, but you can swap your heavy carbs for healthier ones. Whole grains and whole fruits are the best kinds of carbs to enjoy.
  6. Add Fibre. Your colon needs a cleanse, but you don’t need to see a professional for that. You are lucky to have a body equipped with a system for clearing you out – it’s called pooping! Adding fibre will help you to cleanse your colon and your digestive tract. Flaxseed, bitter herbs and roots will help you to clear out your body.

All of these things together can help you to feel better on the inside and tone you on the outside!

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