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The Essentials For Boxing Beginners

Posted on September 23, 2020 by John Harris

After watching the latest big-name pay-per-view boxing bout, you’re probably thinking about taking up boxing again. For real this time.

And you should!

Boxing is a ton of fun and a great outlet for your competitive juices.

Or, if you don’t want to get punched in the face, boxing is also a great option to get in shape.

You’ll build strength, cardio endurance and look absolutely shredded.

If you’re going to take this boxing thing seriously, though, there are a few essentials you’re going to need.

Here is a complete list of everything you’ll need before you start hitting the punching bags.

Gym Bag

First, you’re going to need to carry everything, so get yourself a gym bag big enough to fit everything.

Make sure it’s durable, as you’ll be using it every day. It can’t hurt to get one that is somewhat breathable too, because your gym clothes aren’t going to smell too hot.

But you probably knew that.

Boxing Gloves

The most important and obvious piece of equipment: boxing gloves.

Like your gym bag, you’ll be using these often, so invest in a quality pair with adequate ventilation that will last you a while.

Also, be sure to try multiple pairs on to find ones that have enough padding for protection but are also light so your hands will be a blur.

Boxing Trunks

If you’re a beginner or just boxing for fitness, you’ll be fine in most athletic shorts.

Wear a pair that is comfortable, light, breathable and isn’t restrictive.

As you progress, though, and begin sparring and fighting, you should get a pair of boxing shorts with room for protection and have the proper waistline.

For some of the best boxing shorts available, check out this article that describes and reviews the best boxing trunks available.

Hand Wraps

You should wear hand wraps whenever you’re fighting, sparring, or using a punching bag to protect your wrists and hands from injury.

You can buy disposable ones or wraps with a velcro fastener to ensure that your hands are wrapped properly.

Headgear And Mouth Guard

Similar to the boxing trunks, beginners and those boxing for exercise won’t need headgear or a mouth guard.

But if you’ll be sparring, you’re definitely going to need both to protect your head from all of the punches you’re going to take. Ideally, you’d be able to dodge every hit, but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

When buying headgear, find one with the right combination of protection while still maintaining visibility and a light weight.

Jump Rope

Isn’t jump roping boxers just a stereotype? Something you see in movies and training hype videos?

No. Jumping rope is believed to be an extremely effective training tool for boxers, as it can help with endurance, balance and footwork.

And if you’re just looking to get into shape, jumping rope is a great form of cardio to burns some calories.


Just like any other form of exercise, you’re going to get pretty sweaty while boxing.

It’s gross, but it’s true.

Having a towel to wipe the sweat off your face and the equipment will be a blessing.

And if you plan on showering at the gym after, be sure to pack an extra towel for after. And soap, of course.

A Positive Attitude

Super corny, right? A positive attitude.

But it’s true. Boxing is not easy.

It’s painful, exhausting and mentally draining, even without getting punched in the face.

If you don’t go into your training sessions with the right attitude, you won’t last very long.

So, in addition to spending all this money on gear, make sure you spend some time getting into the right headspace mentally before each session.

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