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How to Get Started With Jet Skiing

Posted on November 17, 2020 by Martin Banks

Trying something new is exciting, but it’s essential to still prioritize safety. If Jet Skiing is something you’ve dreamt of trying, then seize the moment and start learning. Jet Skiing is a great activity to enjoy on a hot summer day. Just be aware that once you start, you might choose to make it a full-time hobby!

Here are five things to consider when getting started with Jet Skiing:

1. Prioritize Safety

Whether you are an avid Jet Skier or this is your first time out, you should always prioritize safety. Start by always wearing a life jacket when you ride. Passengers should also wear life jackets, and you should be careful not to go over the weight limit.

Remember to follow the safety instructions provided by the agency or tour group you are renting from. Pay attention to your surroundings and be mindful of other people in the area.

2. Learn the Controls

Every Jet Ski is different, so you must take the time to learn the controls. Find the throttle, practice steering and locate the emergency shut-off. Check to see if your model has a braking system. If so, familiarize yourself with it before starting.

Remember to start slow and always keep the emergency lanyard attached to your body. This lanyard will ensure the vehicle stops if you fall off.

3. Take a Tour

A tour is a terrific way to familiarize yourself with Jet Skiing. You’ll have a professional guiding the tour who will be available if you have questions or concerns. By going on a Jet Skiing tour, you’ll learn about fascinating local history while enjoying the water and improving your skills.

Check to see what the requirements are before signing up. Some companies only have an age requirement, while others need you to have a boater safety card.

4. Prepare for Impact

When you are riding, you’ll be making waves — as well as jumping them. You’ll likely become airborne when you hop a wave, so prepare for impact as the Jet Ski reconnects with the water. Mentally and physically bracing yourself will help you keep control of the machine.

You should try to go at a moderate speed because going too fast may result in you pushing the wave rather than jumping it. It’s alright if you fall off — simply re-board the Jet Ski from the back. If you attempt to climb on while holding the side, it can overturn.

5. Practice to Improve

As with any hobby or extreme sport, practice makes perfect. With time, you will become increasingly confident handling the machine and navigating the waters. Always stay within your comfort zone and only increase your speed once you’re a safe distance from the shore.

Enjoy the Ride

Now that you know how to get started with Jet Skiing, you are ready to sign up and enjoy the ride. Review these five steps before your big day so you can feel confident and prepared. Always ask questions if you feel uncomfortable or uncertain. Safety is essential, so remain vigilant and communicate with your passengers to ensure they feel secure.

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