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Wild and Scatter Symbols in Slot Games

Posted on November 19, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Recently joined a casino? The probability is that players who recently join do not know the best slot online games to play. Slot games do not need any skill or strategy to win. As wins depend on luck, online slots can be played by anyone, not necessarily a professional.

The games have easy to understand formats and fun features which make online slots a stress-free gaming experience. There are different slot games to choose from with each having its unique instructions.

This makes it easy for new players to quickly catch up with the game and make some winnings. Several online slots have free spin rounds where players can try out a few free rounds without using money and win cash rewards.

How to play online slots

How can one play online slots? As earlier mentioned, all slot games have the same basic rules – all the player has to do is click the spin button and the game does the other part. Winning is strictly on luck, no skill or strategy needed.

Slot game pay-lines

To win a slot game, the player needs to pair identical symbols in a particular order on the spin reels. This is referred to as the pay line or the win line. Each game will have its number of pay lines which can be found on the help menu of the game. Generally, the pay lines are often:

  • In a row
  • In a zig-zag pattern
  • In a V shape
  • Diagonally

The winning symbol for each game differs, and pay lines are calculated differently on each spin. When playing with real money, the balance will be debited each time spinning the reels. The player will also need to choose how much to stake on each pay line to make up their total stake.

Some slots do not make use of pay lines and instead, they use a payout depending on the number of symbols the player can land on the reels. With these types of games, a player can have more than 2,000 ways to win. 

Wild and scatter symbols

Several slots games include Wild symbols, where a special symbol replaces all other symbols, helping the player to create a winning line. As an example, if the Wild symbol is a Giraffe and the player has a payline of Lion-Giraffe-Lion, the Giraffe counts as a Lion symbol to create a win.

For scatter symbols, they can appear at random, with several possible outcomes. They do not necessarily have to be in a pay line to be made active. In Book of Ra Deluxe and Lord of the Ocean, the scatter symbol activates the bonus round and also counts as Wild, replacing all the different symbols.

Some sites use automatic online slots which require the player to click just on the play button.

Free spins on slots 

Apart from being extremely easy to play, some people like to play online slots for their unique features and the bonus rounds offered. Free spins offer an extra means to win without paying a dime, adding thrill and diversity to game systems.

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