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How to Protect Your Head When Playing Sports

Posted on February 14, 2021 by Susan Melony

Sports of all kinds are among the best activities to spend your free time on. They’re perfect for staying in shape, making new friends, and having fun, and the best part of all is how accessible they are. Anyone, regardless of age or background, can get some friends together or join a sporting club and take part in games like football, hockey, and baseball.

Statistics show that sports are immensely popular too, with the average American spending half an hour of every day engaging in some kind of sporting activity, and millions of Americans getting involved with a wide range of sports and games. These kinds of activities are particularly popular with young people, but even older folks can have fun on the sporting field.

However, while sport participation numbers are high and sport offers many advantages, it also comes with its own risks and dangers. This is especially true when playing contact sports, like football or soccer, but it can also apply to other kinds of sports too, as there are always risks of bumping into other players, getting tackled, or falling on the ground while running around.

The head is one of the key parts of the body you simply have to protect when playing sports, as millions of concussions occur in sports every year and many of them can pose severe risks for long-term brain health. Read on for some top tips and essential advice for keeping your head and brain safe when playing your favorite sports.

Always Wear Helmets

Obviously, the number one piece of advice when it comes to protecting the head is to make sure you wear a helmet at all times when playing sports that have risks of head and brain injuries. Many years ago, helmets weren’t even recommended for sports like ice hockey and football, but these days, they’re a key part of the sporting landscape, and for good reason.

Statistics and studies have shown that helmets can quite literally save lives, protecting the brain in case of heavy impacts and sudden shocks, potentially saving people from life-altering concussions and traumatic brain injuries. So make sure you have a quality helmet that fits correctly and never forget to wear it when you play.

Pay Attention

Another key tip to keep in mind when it comes to staying safe in sports is to make sure your attention levels remain high from the first second of any game until the last. A single lapse in concentration could prove to have terrible consequences, and if your head isn’t in the game, you might make a dangerous mistake or fail to notice oncoming danger.

Try to keep distractions to a minimum when you play and make sure your focus levels are high. If you’re getting distracted or losing concentration somehow, try to either eliminate the source of those distractions or simply take a break from the game for a while. Players shouldn’t carry on if they aren’t fully in the game and focused on themselves and their fellow players.

Fair Play and Good Sportsmanship

One of the simplest ways in which you can stay safe and avoid nasty injuries of all kinds when you play sports is to make sure you follow the rules at all times. The rules exist for a reason: they help to keep the game fair and they also aim to protect the health and safety of all of the players involved in the action.

As well as following the rules, players should also remember to play fairly and follow the standards of good sportsmanship. If you bend the rules or let your emotions get the better of you while you play, you could harm another player in yourself in the heat of the moment. If you feel like this might happen to you, it might be time to take a break and let yourself chill out before playing on.


Playing sports can be an awesome way to have fun, get fit, and socialize with others, but it’s important to acknowledge the fact that running around fields, courts, and rinks with plenty of other people can be risky too.

It’s quite common for injuries to occur when playing sports, but if every player is careful, alert, and properly prepared, the risks of those kinds of injuries will be much lower. Keep your head in the game whenever you play and respect your opponents at all times to make sure you have the best sporting experiences.

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