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Video Online Slots: The Basics

Posted on February 17, 2021 by John Harris

Video slots at Bonanza Slots are an exciting and action packed way for players to enjoy their favorite slots. With tons of bonuses and features, video slots have become the default slot type for many players.

What Exactly are Video Slots? 

Video slots are the exact same as classic slots but can be played without the mechanical nature of the classic. Video slots are instead played on a computer screen which displays the reels for players. They are the most commonly used types of slot, whether it be in a brick and mortar casino or online site. Video slots have many benefits for players than classic slots did not give them. Among those benefits is the greater amount of bonuses and features available to play, with video slots employing features such as having more than one game screen to do this, something that is not possible on an classic slot. 

History of Video Slots 

  1. The first video slot to be released was from developer Fortune Coin Company in 1976 and the slot was simply entitled Fortune Coin. Although this game wasn’t the hit that Fortune Coin Company imagined it would be, it did pave the way for the influx of video slots in the Nineties and it also inspired other video casino games such as poker which managed to become popular.
  2. During the mid Nineties, WMS Gaming released the title Reel ‘Em In. This slot proved to be a tremendous success as it kicked the doors down for other developers to release their own video slots. Reel ‘Em In used more than one screen and had multiple games in the same slot, although it wasn’t the first to do this it was the first to become so popular.
  3. Today, video slots are commonly used by both online sites and brick and mortar casinos. Most releases are jam packed with extra games and exciting features which first emerged in the mid Nineties. 

Key Video Slot Differences 

●     No Lever – As video slots are not mechanically operated by players, they do not need to pull a lever in order to spin the reels. Instead, players simply push a button.

●     Use RNG – In order to operate fairly, video slots use a piece of programming known as the random number generator or RNG which ensures that every spin is entirely random and cannot be influenced by outside forces.

●     Higher Maximum Bets Available – There are often a higher amount of paylines available for the player, this means that there will be a higher number to bet. This wouldn’t be possible without the video slots unique software.

●     More Bonuses and Features – Players can enjoy a wider variety of bonuses and gameplay features in video slots than they can in classic slots thanks to the digital nature of the slot. 


Video slots managed to breathe new life into slot gaming, now the industry is as popular as it ever has been. Video slots added more bonuses, features and increased the amount of paylines available to players, helping to make slots exciting for a brand new generation.

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