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Infinity Reels in Online Slots Explained

Posted on February 17, 2021 by John Harris

Gambling in the 21st century is a world away from what it was like in the 20th century, let alone the 19th century. In fact, if you were to take a keen gambler from the 1800s and plonk them down in the modern world they would most probably faint from surprise, because the art of gambling is so vastly different these days. For a start people don’t have to actually visit a casino anymore, instead simply having to log on to their favorite online casino site – visit Bezy

But there’s more too, because over the years several new casino gambling games have sprung up, providing a ludicrous amount of fun for millions of gamblers. And what do you think is the most important of these new gambling games? Slots, of course! There have been so many exciting innovations in the slots industry over the years, and now we’re looking forward to yet another – infinity reels. Keep reading for an article on infinity reels in online slots explained. 

A history of technological innovation in the slots industry 

Before we get into exactly what infinity reels are it is definitely worth looking back through the history of technological innovation in the slots industry, because it gives you an idea of quite how important it has been over the years. The original technological innovation was made by Charles D. Fey, as he worked out a way to make a slot machine that paid out actual coins automatically. 

Then in the 1960s developers figured out how to make electro-magnetic slots, thereby increasing the chances of having multipliers and bonuses. In the 1980s video slots started to become very common due to the invention of the RNG, something that then led to online slots in the 2000s! 

A few reasons why technological innovation in slots is so important 

It is probably pretty easy to see why technological innovation in slots has been so important over the years, but if you are still struggling to understand, here are a few reasons: 

·         It keeps the whole industry on its toes, and encourages developers to work exta hard to make sure they are the ones making the next innovation.

·         Technological innovation keeps gamblers excited, therefore bringing in an exponential amount more gambling revenue.

·         In most cases technological innovation directly leads to bigger jackpot prizes to be won. 

What is the infinity reels concept? 

The infinity reels concept picks up from where the Big Time Gaming patented Megaways system left off, however it isn’t completely the same. You see, with infinity reels there is the chance to add an infinite number of reels to the screen, usually during a winning streak. 

This means that more symbols can appear, and hopefully your winning streak can continue even further! 

Some great games with infinity reels to check out

There is only one way to truly appreciate the new infinity reels concept – to play an online slot that features them. Take your pick from the following: 

·         El Dorado Infinity Reels

·         Giza Infinity Reels

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