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What Is PEMF Therapy, Anyway?

Posted on March 15, 2021 by Olivia Hampson

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy known as PEMF therapy is one of the most effective treatments for diabetic neuropathy. The best contribution of the therapy is the reduction of the intensity of pains and sensations helping diabetic patients to get relief from pains and irritating sensations that is common among diabetic patients.

PEMF therapy for Type 2 Diabetes

The upsurge of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes has also brought uprise in the numbers of patients with neuropathic pains such as-

  • Progressive pains in different parts of the body especially in legs and spinal cord among others; 
  • Loss of sensibilities in legs;
  • Increasing weakness and loss of pain bearing abilities; and  
  • Consequential physical disabilities. 

The use of PEMF therapy has proved useful in addressing all such health issues. 

PEMF Therapy Features

Source: action performance-chiro-photographer

Until the invention of PEMF therapy, the traditional diabetes treatment focused on controlling blood sugar levels. This also led to relief to patients by moderating pains. PEMF on the other hand has proved effective in total pain relief. The main features of this innovative therapy are as follows. 

  • This therapy is one of the safest as well as non-invasive ways of pain relief;
  • It not only reduces pain but also reduces inflammation; and 
  • It can be used to start new modalities for healthcare or to supplement and improve the existing ones. 

PEMF Therapy Machineries

Like most other therapies, specific devices are used to conduct the PEMF therapy. The need for devices is based on the type of PEMF the user chooses. This means different persons may be treated using different devices by the therapists. However, there are also some common apparatus that are used to administer the therapies on the patients. Such items are –

  • Full body mats;
  • Localized pad applicators; and
  • Spot applicators aiming directly at the affected parts of the body of the patients. 

In medical science, the PEMF is considered a whole-body energy recharger.

Objectives of PEMF Therapy 

As already stated the PEMF therapy aims at the reduction of pain and inflammation in any part of human anatomy. As it does not work for any specific part of the body assuming a whole-body treatment approach it is also accepted as one of the best body charger therapies. The therapy works too –

  • Improve adenosine triphosphate production in patient’s body;
  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the body,
  • To enhance hydration in the body;
  • Helping in overall consumption of healthy nutrients; and
  • Detoxifying the patient’s body. 

Above all; the use of electromagnetic energy makes the healing process faster and more effective. 

How PEMF Therapy Works

Since the basic objective of PEMF therapy is the improvement of the health of the entire body it uses electromagnetic frequencies for the purpose. Cells in the body of a man or a woman have negative charges which are highest in the case of the nerve cells. These cells can stay healthy when they get an adequate amount of magnesium and potassium inside cells. They also need calcium and sodium outside the cells. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy can help to keep adequate levels of all these elements in the body.  Also; the therapy also helps in the maintenance of an adequate amount of vitamins, hormones, and minerals in the body. 

PEMF Therapy for Maintaining Balance


The body needs many ingredients to maintain its healthy stature. The body requires nutrients and supplements to maintain good health. The problem is that excess of any such elements would be as bad as when they are deficient in quantum. The primary task accomplished by PEMF Therapy is balancing these nutrients and other ingredients and to create a healthy body for the person undergoing the therapy. In the same way, the therapy helps in detoxifying the body by removing toxins from the anatomy. The electrical health of cells is vital for the maintenance of the overall good health of a person and the therapy makes this happen. 

Thus the use of PEMF therapy can help substantially in the achievement of the goal of maintaining good health by anyone. People that have decided to use the therapy for balancing healthy elements of their anatomies have to find out the best clinic with the best doctors for the best results. 

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