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Royal Horse Racing: Meet the Queen’s Horses

Posted on March 24, 2021 by John Harris

Horse racing is loved by many, and not least by the Queen herself. As a life-long and avid fan of the sport, the Queen enjoys watching the big races and we’re pretty sure she’s enjoyed a bet or two in her time. As well as enjoying the racing action, she also has ownership of her own horses, and enjoys watching them race and win. She also rides herself, and perhaps one of the most iconic moments of her long reign came in 1982 when she rode with Ronald Reagan during his state visit to the UK. Here we take a look at royal horse racing, and invite you to meet the queen’s horses. It is well known that the Queen has a deep love for all of her horses and that she has been interested in riding horses ever since she was a young girl. Her father bred many of the horses that she came to know and love, and perhaps it is from him that her interest and love of horses comes. If you are someone that enjoys the betting element of horse racing, signing up to SkyBet would be a great first step purely due to all of the offers given.

It may also interest you to learn that the Queen names all of her horses herself and had in-depth knowledge about their parentage, health and ancestry.


The horse that the Queen rode when Reagan came to visit was presented to her by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mounties) in 1969. The Queen rode her in Trooping the Colour for eighteen years, and it is fair to say that she was one of the Queen’s favourite horses.


Sanction holds a very special place in royal hearts as she was the last home-bred horse that the Queen rode before switching to ride native ponies. Sanction and Her Majesty the Queen had a special relationship, and the Queen often spoke fondly of the horse during interviews.


Sired by Winston Churchill’s stallion (there’s well-connected, then there is just showing off), Columbus won Badminton in 1974.


Moving on to the racing horses that the Queen loves, Aureole is said to be one of her favourites. The horse was bred by the Queen’s father and was hugely successful and retired with wins in the King George VIth, at Ascot and in the Derby.


Estimate made the whole family proud when she became the first filly to win the Ascot Gold Cup at just four years old. The achievement highlighted the excellent work done at the royal stables, and there was delight all round when the win came in.

Phantom Gold

For many, Phantom Gold is the best horse that the family has produced. A joy to watch, the fine horse was well-bred and showed power and determination that brought wins and happiness to many in the world of racing.

It is true to say that the Queen loves her horses, both to watch on the track and to ride and nurture. We hope that Her Majesty continues to enjoy her horses and that there are many more winners in the family’s future.

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