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7 Craziest Sports That You Might Not Have Heard Before

Posted on March 24, 2021 by Ronald Mccarthy

The world of sport is a vast domain of never-ending tests of talent, gameplay, and fitness, with billions of followers and players worldwide. Sports, in general, serves to be the largest source of entertainment for the global population. The world is familiar with several different sports and physical exertions that have been present around us for years. Such a prolonged presence and the obvious element of fun have helped certain events become the mainstream for sports. These include globally renowned and followed sports such as football, cricket, basketball, baseball, formula-1 racing, and much more.

With billions of stakeholders around the world, these sports attract most of the coverage in the industry. Often some of them create enough buzz to be heard in the mainstream and are played at professional levels. It is worth mentioning that although these sports are highly followed and pay high incentives at the professional level, they also require sportspeople to be physically and mentally fit. Athletes working at professional levels have to prioritize their health and fitness to perform well on the field.

Perhaps, in many cases, one might have to pursue a specialization in athletic studies to be acquainted with the relevant information to deal with certain sports management technicalities. However, with the growing interest in sports and the emergence of online education worldwide, many educational institutions are now offering programs to equip sports enthusiasts with the field’s dos and don’ts. Since the profession requires high leadership qualities, sportsmanship, and administration, many tend to pursue an onsite bachelor’s or an online masters athletic administration degree to ensure that.

We are pretty sure that some of you, like us, must want to try something new for adventure and entertainment other than these conventional sports. If you’re still wondering about the latest and weird types of athletic experiences entering the local and professional scenarios, then this article is definitely for you. Below we’ve listed some of the uncommon yet the most extreme, bizarre, and crazy sports that are a must-try for you. These include:

  1. Chess Boxing

Well, what could be the easiest way to devise a game that tests both your mental and your physical strengths? With such a question posing the world, the German and Russian enthusiasts thought about inventing something new by combining two games, i.e., chess and boxing.

Chess Boxing allows two players to compete against each other in an alternate series of chess matches inside a boxing ring. Thus, adding to the requirement of possessing both the mental skills to perform at chess and physical resilience to perform at boxing. The match starts with a round of chess, after which the players have to start fighting. The game lasts on for a total sum of 11 complete rounds. A player can only come out victorious if he/she either knocks out the competitor in boxing or chess. Bet you never heard a weirder combination of winning criteria than that!

2. Hobby Horsing

Before we begin with the game’s description, it is essential to clarify that hobby horsing is not another sport involving a horse. This sport does not even involve an actual horse. Surprising to the core, right?

Hobby horsing is the unique sport invented in Northern Europe to satisfy the craving for horse riding in a cost-efficient manner. The sport mainly involves young female competitors riding stick horses through a range of courses and tracks. Besides, the event occurs in an arena almost similar to an actual horse race, Making it a unique and entertaining experience.

3. Snow-Kiting

Although, snow-kiting might seem to have more than a resemblance to kite surfing which is not true. The concept of snow-kiting emerged from the water-centric sport. It involves the use of a parachute to fuel surfing to suit land conditions. The sport involves using a parachute to facilitate the need for thrust to surf on a plane of snow. It helps snowboarders to achieve speeds that they were previously unable to reach. The sport is rightly thrilling and a serious contender for induction into the Winter Olympics.

4. Toe Wrestling

Up till now, we have only listed some sports inventions with the expected potential to crack the professional ceiling. Perhaps, here is one of the craziest sports of the year, i.e., “Toe Wrestling.” The sport is somehow similar to thumb fighting. The only difference is that it involves the feet of the competitors. Notably, the sport already maintains a global level championship for its professionals and is at its peak potential. It is a must-try game that you should play with your mates.

5. Kabaddi

As opposed to the other options in the list, kabaddi is a sport of ancient origins. It has been present and prevalent in South Asia for ages. Similarly, it is loved around the region and has already booked a place in the Asian Games. The sport has even previously experienced the peak of reaching the Olympics. The game involves two teams, each with seven players. Each team allows an individual from their team to go into the opponent’s half. This individual is subject to the task of tapping any member of the opponent team and run back to his team’s half.

6. Wife Carrying Race

We are not sure enough whether women invented the sport or an attempt by chivalrous men to cheer their wives as a means of sport. The name of the activity leaves little to the imagination. Perhaps, the game involves a group of men racing each other while carrying their wives. Although, it might prove to be a fun activity. We can be sure that the sport holds no aspirations for the professional stage.

7. Fireball Football

Fireball soccer as a sport is as intriguing as its name. An Indonesian-born game created on the grounds of standard football rules. However, there is a slight and crazy difference between the two. In fireball football, players play with a blazing coconut instead of a football. Two teams get in a match to kick this flaming ball and score into the opponent’s net to achieve victory—just a reminder that you do need to play it with bare feet.


Conclusively, people invent new yet unique sports every day for entertainment and fitness purposes. Each of them involves a range of fun activities that are often absent in traditional professional sports. Perhaps, it is the spark of creativity, fun, and entertainment that leads to people inventing and engaging in new sports. Until this creativity lives on, you and I need to buck up for even crazier sports in the future.

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