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The Importance of Gun Safety When Storing Your Weapon

Posted on October 03, 2021 by Brooke Chaplan

After purchasing your first firearm, you’ll need to spend some time learning important safety strategies for using and storing your weapon. Even seasoned firearm owners can sometimes forget the best practices for safety, and it is worth reminding yourself of why proper storage methods can potentially save a life. Keeping these benefits of storing your gun safely in mind helps you remember to make the right decisions when you aren’t actively carrying your weapon.

Prevent Accidental Firings

The majority of firearm-related injuries occur due to accidents. You’ll want to make sure to store your weapon unloaded. It is also important to store your gun in a safe location where it won’t be dropped or accidentally triggered. For example, it is better to store your firearm in a small, portable safe by your bed rather than in a box on a high shelf.

Protect Children From Accessing Your Firearm

If you have children in your home, then keeping them away from your firearm is one of your biggest priorities. Even if you are child-free, it is best to be prepared just in case a little one visits your home. Make sure to determine the size of the safe you plan on getting if you decide to purchase a safe from online companies like Security Centers, Inc. Quality safes should be big enough to hold all of your firearms, and they’ll lock up tight so that you know your weapons are always secure from little hands.

Make Sure Your Weapon Stays in Top Condition

Rust, corrosion, and debris can all lead to issues with firing your weapon. A quality gun safe will help to prevent moisture from accumulating in and on your firearm. Once you’ve selected a good gun storage system, you’ll want to monitor the humidity and temperature levels to keep your gun dry. This way, you’ll avoid potential clogs that could increase your risk of sustaining an injury at the firing range.

Keep Your Firearm Safe From Thieves

A firearm that falls into a burglar’s hands could be used against you. You’ll also want to consider what a criminal might do to other people with your firearm if they get it out of your house. Storing your firearm in a secured safe means that only you will be able to access it.

Protecting others from harm is your responsibility even when you aren’t carrying your firearm. Storing your weapon in a strong safe allows you to know exactly where your weapon is when you don’t have it in its holster. After you set up your safe, practice storing and accessing your weapon until it becomes second nature. This helps you to reach your gun quickly in an emergency, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to store your weapon in the safe.

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