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12 Fun Winter Sports For The Whole Family

Posted on November 07, 2021 by John Harris

Winter is here! And so is the fun white stuff. Snow. So what better time than the present to get the family together and try some new activities for this holiday season? You can have so much fun with snow, from snowball fights to building a snowman. 

Snow activities are wide and diverse – you can go skiing/snowboarding, play in the snow, ice skate, or even make a snow angel! Winter sports can be a ton of fun – while some might not be for everyone (like skiing), others will leave you wanting more. 

There are many sports that can be enjoyed during this time of year, though you’ll want to make sure your kids are ready for them before attempting any.

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Here Are 12 Fun Sports You Can Try Out With Your Loved Ones 

(and yes, some of these sports do require good gear):

  1. Ice Skating

A fun and low-cost activity for everyone, ice skating has been around for centuries and continues to thrill thousands of people each. You can choose to either rent or buy skates for this one – both of which are easily available at most sporting shops.

Everyone’s heard of ice skating at least once in their life. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this popular activity

Ice Skate America suggests looking for skates with a low center of gravity (to ensure safety) and comfortable insoles made from memory foam or spongy material. 

In addition, you might want to invest in a helmet and knee pads for younger children if they’re not used to the activity already.

Ice skating is a fun activity for children and adults alike – it’s great exercise and, depending on where you go, ice skating can be quite an enjoyable occasion.

  1. Snowshoeing

Walking through large piles of powdery snow can be quite an exhilarating experience that most people will enjoy – many families have been going on walks like this for years now. 

It is a healthy way to get some fresh air during winter without having to spend any money on expensive gear or sports equipment. However, parents should make sure their child is capable of walking long distances before attempting this activity, as well as look into what type of terrain they’ll be walking over beforehand. 

In addition, it’s also suggested that all footwear has completely treaded soles for increased traction and safety.

  1. Sledding

While not necessarily a sport in itself, sledding is often what many people attempt after they’ve gone ice skating or played some other winter-related game. 

It’s one of the more popular sports that children participate in during this time of year, even if it does require them to be with their friends (and possess fun personalities). Sliding down steep hills on pieces of plastic can provide hours’ worth of entertainment, especially when you’re not worried about your body getting too beaten up.

Pulling a sled is fun too, and you can do it by just sitting on the sled and sliding your feet against the ground – or even going down hills with wheels (which most people prefer).

4. Ice Hockey

One of the most loved winter sports in North America, ice hockey is a ton of fun to play with friends or family – just try not to injure anyone while playing! Ice hockey requires a few specialized pieces of equipment: a helmet & visor, shoulder pads, and gloves for defense whilst using an ice hockey stick to control the puck. In addition, it features 2 twenty-minute halves separated by a ten-minute break.

5. Curling

Curling has been around since at least 1924, though the rules have changed significantly throughout the years. It’s quite a popular sport in Europe, but it’s becoming more common in America too. 

Curling is played on ice with two teams of four players; each taking turns sliding 42-pound stones across the ice towards a target area known as the “house.” The team with the stone closest to the bullseye wins that round.

6. Skiing

The most popular winter activity out there, skiing, is enjoyed by people all over the world. There are many types of slopes, speeds, and difficulty levels, so you can choose one based on your own preferences/abilities – just be sure to do some research beforehand. If you’re new to this, it’s easier to start with small heights before moving on to more difficult sports.

If you live near mountains or have access to one, skiing is an activity not to be missed! You can do downhill skiing, where speed is what matters, or cross-country skiing which requires stamina and endurance. 

There are lots of equipment required for skiing – some might already have skis at home that they can use, but helmets are important too (just make sure they fit kids properly).

7. Snowboarding

Although technically more difficult than skiing, snowboarding is fun to try out with your friends & family because there’s less emphasis on technique and more concentration on enjoying yourself. 

You stand sideways on the board while snowboarding (like you do while sitting), whereas you stand with feet pointing forward while skiing (similar to how people ride on a surfboard).

This is a lot like skiing but has a few important differences. Firstly, the board used is slightly different – snowboards are longer and wider than skis. 

Secondly, you stand sideways on the board for snowboarding (like how you sit on a chair), whereas you stand with your feet pointing forward when skiing (like riding a bicycle). 

Lastly, snowboarders often use their hands to control/stop themselves, where skiers do not. All in all, it’s great fun!

Snowboarding can be done downhill or cross-country (like skiing) and similarly requires some equipment like helmets and boards (which some might already have at home).

8. Snow Sculptures

This one doesn’t require you to leave your home – all you need is some snow! And maybe the ingredients for some hot chocolate too.

Basically, any shape can be created using either a mold or hands & feet – people have even seen horse-shaped sculptures before. After sculpting the snow, take photos and share them with friends/family.

9. Snowball Fights

All you need is some snow (and friends/family). The rules are simple: everyone forms a line facing each other about 30 feet apart. At the count of three, they throw snowballs at each other, then run to avoid getting hit (or jump into piles of already made snowballs to hide). It’s important not to let anyone get hit in the face; otherwise, they’re out of play.

10. Snow Caves

If you’re in a cold climate and have lots of time to spare during winter, try making snow caves. This requires similar skills used for igloos – plus shovels & ice saws if available. However, snow cave construction is simple. 

All you need to do is go high up near trees so you can use branches they provide for support, begin by digging out a large chunk of snow from an existing hill, then start adding more snow to make walls while always checking how thick they are – this will determine how comfortable/safe the cave is! Finally, ensure there’s ventilation and a source of heat in the back – that’s all you need.

11. Tobogganing

This is similar to sledding, only the toboggans are slightly different, and you sit on top of them while sliding down slopes/hills. You can also race against others in some places (though not everyone wants to risk it).

12. Ice Fishing

Another fun way to spend the time during winter, ice fishing, is enjoyed by people worldwide and has been growing in popularity (especially since this activity can also be done as a family). 

People either fish using rods or jigs (which are preferred by those who don’t like baiting hooks). All you need to set up your own ice fishing spot is a hole-punch and something to poke/cut through the ice with – so it’s perfect for those who enjoy winter but aren’t too fond of skiing & skating.

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