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Cleaning Tricks to Keep Your Gun in Tip-Top Shape

Posted on April 04, 2022 by Brooke Chaplan

As a gun owner, your number one responsibility is to practice proper gun safety. One safety precaution involved ensuring that your gun is clean and properly maintained. A lack of cleaning and lubrication can result in a firearm that doesn’t fire when needed. So then, how do you clean your gun to ensure it’s in tip-top shape? The following tips will help you learn how to properly maintain your firearms.

Dissemble Before Cleaning

While this goes without saying, you should always unload and disassemble your gun as per the manufacturers’ recommendation before cleaning. Dissembling your gun enables you to gain access to the inner parts. Therefore, you can easily clean dirt and powder residues that would otherwise cause inefficiency. If you don’t have a user manual to refer to for dissembling, make sure you get a digital copy of the same firearm online. Ensuring that your weapon isn’t loaded will also prevent it from firing off unexpectedly.

Use Recommended Cleaning Brushes

In order to properly clean your gun, be sure to use a specially-made gun cleaning kit. Normally, these kits have brushes made of quality bristles to take out dirt even in their hard-to-reach spots. At the same time, these brushes can clean out the barrels without causing deterioration. Inside the cleaning kit, you should also get brush types that are made of nylon, phosphor bronze, cotton swabs, and stainless steel. Note that each brush type has a different cleaning purpose. Again, be sure to consult your manual.

Use Quality Cleaning Products.

If you want to keep your firearm in excellent condition for long, then the secret lies in quality cleaning products. Make sure you have high-quality cleaning oil lubricants by your side. Also, confirm that you purchase the right solvent traps to prevent any future problems down the road. Professional suppliers such as Solvent Traps Direct will provide you with quality supplies for restoring your gun. Make sure to purchase supplies that will work for your particular model.

Wipe External Surfaces

While many people only focus more on cleaning the interior, the external parts also need cleaning and oiling. Once you’ve assembled all the internal parts into the right place, you need to wipe the external parts with an oiled cloth or gun wax to prevent rust. Last but not least, cleaning external surfaces will make your gun presentable and durable.

Whether you own a firearm for hunting, protection, or collection purposes, you must take responsibility for properly maintaining it. Failure to do so can only lead to faster tear and wear. However, if you want to keep the gun in its tip-top condition for long, make sure you practice the above-mentioned tricks.

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