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4 Firearms Tips to Stay Out of Harm’s Way

Posted on May 11, 2022 by Brooke Chaplan

Owning a gun comes with an increased level of responsibility and caution. You cannot be lenient about gun safety if you only handle guns and don’t shoot them. Whether you sell, manufacture, collect, or shoot guns, you have to maintain safety for all types of firearms. Below are a few ways you can optimize safety when handling a firearm.

1. Handle Your Gun Responsibly

Whether the gun has bullets or not, treat it as if it’s loaded. Don’t let anyone handle the gun if they lack basic safety knowledge and training. Do not automatically assume that a gun is unloaded or test it to see if it’s loaded or not.

This tip requires that you know how to operate the gun properly. Understand the basic mechanical components of how to load the bullets, how to unload, how to handle malfunctions, what to do if a bullet gets jammed, etc.

Not every firearm’s make and model is the same, so take the time to learn about your particular gun before handling it. Most gun shop owners or gun suppliers have in-depth knowledge of the guns they sell. Before you purchase a gun, discuss the necessary safety precautions with the seller to ensure that you understand everything you need to know about that particular weapon. If you’re new to handling guns, ask for recommendations that are good for beginners.

2. Be Mindful of Where You’re Pointing

Never point the gun toward yourself or anyone else. The safest direction is to point the gun down toward the ground. A gun can go off even if no one has pulled the trigger. You should only aim your weapon at what you plan on firing at. To prevent your gun from unexpectedly firing, be sure to perform regular maintenance to prevent deterioration.

3. Store With Care

A responsible gun owner has a safe where the gun is kept. This is to prevent an adult from stealing the gun or to prevent a child from playing with a loaded gun. A gun, regardless of its size, should never be left in visible view if it’s not being used.

At every gun stop, most guns are locked behind glass cases. Keep a lock on your storage box for added protection. Any box that is hidden can be found by anyone, so making sure that it’s locked is important.

4. Check Your Surroundings

Check the surroundings where you plan to use the gun. When you’re shooting, any flat surface is potentially dangerous and may cause the bullets to ricochet toward you and cause self-injury. A surface that is too fragile will cause the bullet to pass through and possibly strike someone behind it. Review the surfaces to the front, side, and back to make sure no one can get hurt.

Owning a gun responsibly is not just about obtaining a valid license. You have to take extra caution to ensure the proper safety of yourself and other people if they are around your gun. It’s important to stay safe at all times, whether your gun is loaded or not loaded.

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