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New Investor Brings Hope to Udinese Calcio and Gino Pozzo

Posted on October 09, 2023 by John Harris

In recent reports, Gino Pozzo, his father Giampaolo Pozzo, and other Pozzo family members are interested in selling a considerable stake in Udinese Calcio, including a 10% stake in Watford FC. Currently, they have had talks with one unnamed investor.

As Udinese Calcio hasn’t seen success over the past few seasons, this new ownership could bring winning back to the franchise. Another objective of the investment is to improve resources for the club.

In all of Pozzo’s team ownership efforts, his goal is to always boost performance on the field. Being a dedicated football fan, he’s passionate about what he does on a day-to-day basis. With this dedication, not to mention his extensive business and management background, he has grown into a well-respected owner across sports. His professional experiences and Harvard Business School degree have shaped him into the influential leader he is today.

Taking Watford FC to new heights

One of Pozzo’s best accomplishments was when he enhanced the Watford FC program. After acquiring the team in 2012, he quickly made lasting improvements to the club. In fact, the team would join the Premier League after a very successful 2015 season. 

While Pozzo gained many of his skills from his schooling and experience, some of his talents were taught by his family. His father owned the Spanish football club Granada CF for multiple years, and his mother and father also had ownership of Udinese in the 1980s.

With the Pozzo family’s multi-club management strategy, they have been able to provide lasting benefits to the teams they own. For example, they have the ability to move players between clubs to achieve more success. Several popular Watford FC players used to play for Granada FC and Udinese, including Almen Abdi, Gabriele Angella, and Matěj Vydra.

New investors bring hope for change

New investors could be a significant difference-maker for Watford FC and Udinese Calcio. It can improve recruiting efforts, enhance performance on the field, and lead to more resources for the two football clubs.

As talks between Gino Pozzo and investors move forward, there are also discussions of a potential expansion of the Pozzo family multi-club management operation. These plans involve extending their ownership efforts to other countries, such as Spain.

While Pozzo is an industry professional with several years of experience in back-office management and club ownership, he also enjoys the town of Watford. This has fueled his passion for becoming a great leader of the franchise.

Pozzo grew up in an Italian family full of dedicated football fans. At a very young age, Pozzo fell in love with the game. He followed numerous Italian football teams and couldn’t get enough of the action. When his parents purchased Udinese Calcio in the 1980s, he became even more interested in the sport. The Pozzo family was able to acquire the team from the money they made from a successful woodworking business.

After Gino Pozzo graduated from Harvard, he returned to Italy to further his career. Instead of taking over the family woodworking business, he decided he would rather be in charge of a professional football club. He had the confidence he could lead a team to success, just as his father did.

Pozzo eventually moved to France and began searching for a football club to purchase. This was when he heard that the English Premier League team in Watford was going up for sale, which was a perfect match for the businessman. At the time, Watford FC had many struggles, and the team was also poorly managed by the previous ownership group. This gave Pozzo the opportunity to really make a difference and turn things around. Not only could he help with finances and resources, but he also believed he could improve on-field performance.

Pozzo ultimately decided to purchase the club, and he was focused on being the best owner he could possibly be. The management professional wanted to help with every major decision that affected the team. To prove this dedication, he and his family moved to England, which was a huge change. Although it was a big adjustment, his family fell in love with the area.

Pozzo hopes to bring several more winning seasons to Watford FC and Udinese Calcio. With the help of new investors, this dream can become a reality. See more recent news here:

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