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Herbalife Reviews: Benefits of Herbalife24 Products for Athletes

Posted on June 24, 2021 by John Harris

If you are looking for healthy meal replacement products or ready-to-drink (RTD) muscle-recovery products with an optimum combination of protein, vitamins, and minerals, you should consider using the Herbalife24 products by Herbalife Nutrition. With its science-backed nutritional products, Herbalife Nutrition has made a name for itself in the health and sports supplements industry. The goal of Herbalife Nutrition has been to improve the nutritional habits of people around the globe by offering high-quality nutritional products.

What Is Herbalife24?

Herbalife24 offers products designed for optimum recovery for athletes. Different sports have their specific requirements for the type of nutritional supplements most suited for recovery, improved endurance, and enhanced performance of the athletes. To meet the requirements of different sports and workouts, the Herbalife24 performance line offers different types of products. The product line includes Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport, Herbalife24 Restore, Herbalife24 Strength, Herbalife24 Prepare, and several more products. The Herbalife24 CR7 Drive was created in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, offering a product for optimum hydration to fuel workouts.

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6 Incredible Innovations in Race Car Tech

Posted on June 24, 2021 by Martin Banks

The automotive industry is constantly looking to improve the driving experience. Racing is where these innovations are born — experimenting with new technologies is expected in the racing industry. 

Drivers want to reach faster speeds and cut down on resistance to win. So whether it’s NASCAR or Formula 1, racing has always been at the forefront of developing and implementing advanced tech into their cars.

NASCAR focuses its efforts on entertaining its loyal fans, while F1 is the leader in revolutionizing the racing industry. There’s a perceived rivalry between the two, but both organizations work to elevate their technology to improve overall racing performance.

Whether you’re a racing fan or not, it’s interesting to learn more about racecar tech. Some of the advancements are incorporated into the standard vehicles we use on the road every day. 

Let’s dive into some of the recent advancements in racing technology.

1. Carbon Fiber

What makes carbon fiber attractive in automotive racing is its strength and durability. Compared to other materials used for cars, carbon fiber can withstand high-energy forces during a high-speed race. 

How a vehicle performs can mean the difference between a winning and a losing race. In addition, carbon fiber allows cars to go the extra mile. Parts that are made from carbon fiber tend to last longer, which is an attractive feature for racers.

2. Telematics

The concept of telematics was introduced back in the 1960s when the military saw the potential to combine telecommunications and information technology. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced software, telematics in motor racing is expected to grow in the next few years.

Drivers can effectively communicate with their crews in the case of an emergency. For example, the Indy 500 cars have sensors that collect large amounts of data, which can then be used by drivers and sports scientists offsite. 

3. Paddle Shifters

Racecar paddle shifters put control back in the driver’s hands, allowing them to accelerate in seconds and manipulate the torque of their vehicle. While some automatic cars on the road have paddles, it’s uncommon for the average driver to use them while, say, driving to the grocery store. 

Paddles were introduced in 1980 to make shifting gears easier for racecar drivers. However, they became more mainstream, with most racecars incorporating paddles by the 1990s.

4. Hybrid Engines

It’s a shared goal amongst racers to achieve the most significant output from a lightweight yet durable engine and improve speed. The hybridization of engines in NASCAR will add to the already incredible aerodynamic capabilities of racecars. 

However, the transition to electric, battery-assisted vehicles is no easy feat. NASCAR finds itself stuck between catering its races to loyal fans and generating new fans by incorporating future tech. It’ll be interesting to see how hybrid engines become more widespread in the racing industry. 

6. Improved Safety Measures

Safety in racing remains a priority for drivers and their crews. There’s nothing scarier than seeing a car traveling at 200 miles per hour tumbling around a track, leaving the driver subject to severe injuries. 

Here are some examples of new safety tech making its way into racing:

  • Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (SAFER) barriers
  • Head and Neck Restraint systems
  • Improvements to the angle of the driver’s seat

Driver safety is paramount and should not be taken lightly. As new tech evolves and is incorporated into supercars, drivers and fans alike can rest assured that there will be a decrease in injuries, especially those that could be fatal. 

In addition to these innovations, the rapid growth of artificial intelligence is changing the racing industry landscape as we know it. Fully autonomous vehicles created by Roborace have already hit the ground running. AI-based software will likely be incorporated into the cars we see on the track today. 

The Future of Racing

There’s much to be excited about for new fans or die-hard fans when considering the new racecar tech being introduced to the industry. As more sports scientists, researchers, and engineers get their hands on new technologies — it won’t take long for them to improve a driver’s racing performance.

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3 Common Online Casino Scams You Should Stay Away From

Posted on June 23, 2021 by Cathy Carter

How do you recognize an online gaming con artist? Online gambling is a massive industry and a terrific source of pleasure for millions of people, which is fantastic news because it means gamers have more alternatives than ever before. However, if something becomes that popular, there will always be others who want to take advantage of it in illicit ways. Unfortunately, internet casinos and gambling are no exception. They have been linked to several scams and frauds, and the key to avoiding them is to arm oneself with the necessary knowledge. The following are some of the most prevalent online casino frauds to prevent.

  • Theft of Deposits

This is the most basic fraud: the casino will ask you to deposit money before you can play any games, which you will then be unable to use or withdraw. Frequently, your account will be frozen for no apparent reason, or you will be forced to go through several interminable steps to revive it. The con artists know that a substantial proportion of individuals will become so frustrated that they will give up trying to get their money back.

Then again, most payments are in the $10 to $20 range, and few individuals will spend much time chasing that money. The unpleasant reality is that this fraud is difficult to detect and avoid until it is too late. Introductory deals that appear too good to be true can signify that the casino is attempting to get you to make a deposit. The best way to prevent this is to conduct thorough research on each casino website before signing up and carefully read their terms and conditions.

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Sports Franchises are using Digital Tech to Foster Greater Fan Engagement

Posted on June 23, 2021 by Srikant Sowmyanarayanan

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the world last year, the sports industry was severely impacted. As all sporting action came to a crashing halt, fans were left without their weekly fix of sports while franchises were faced with declining revenues and lost opportunities. In the US alone, the NBA is estimated to have lost close to $300 million in terms of ticketing revenue and when considering revenue from all sources, the league missed its targets by as much as $1.5 billion as per AP News. It was a similar story with most other leagues too with the NFL estimated to bear a $1.3 billion loss due to 4 of its teams playing without fans while the MLB’s losses were estimated at almost $5 billion.

However, the show must go on and as things gradually started getting better, sports leagues in the US slowly began considering a return amidst the new normal. Relatively newer entities like the UFC bounced back much sooner by shifting their events to a private island in Abu Dhabi and marching on without in-person attendance. Others like the WWE, who operate within the unique realm of “sports entertainment”, realized that fans were an integral part of their offering and leveraged VR and AR to virtually bring in thousands of fans to participate in live broadcasts.

Eventually, as the Big 4 US sports leagues returned to action, the focus was on leveraging digital technologies to usher in unlimited attendees while creating a raucous stadium like experience. This was done with the help of digital first platforms that were further bolstered by live video editing, engaging graphics and multiple audio feeds mixed in. Elsewhere, global franchises like Formula 1 & MotoGP looked to have their racing drivers engaged in virtual SIM based races to meld motorsports with e-sports to great effect.

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Why is Paddle Boarding So Popular?

Posted on June 21, 2021 by Sarah Lefort

It’s the trendy outdoor leisure activity! This sport appeared about fifty years ago in Hawaii and is experiencing a comeback. Its practice is now within everyone’s reach. Here are some tips to get you started and, why not, to buy a board. Before that, we will see together the benefits of the practice of paddle boarding.

The Stand Up Paddle Boarding is accessible

This sport is quite easy to get the hang of after an hour. You will have fun from the first second. Many models of Stand Up Paddle Boards exist: from beginners to advanced. You can consider an outing with your family, as a couple, with friends or solo.

Work on your upper body, lower body and balance

The greatest challenge is to stand on the board and not fall… You will work your balance but especially your postural muscles in depth: from the legs to the shoulders through the abdominal belt, the back, the lumbar, the pectoral, the arms… After a few hours of practice, you will develop your balance, the proprioception of the lower limbs, the muscles of your back and your shoulders. The paddling movement is particularly adapted to gently develop your body.

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Titanium Bikes: A Modern Take on an Old Material

Posted on June 18, 2021 by Tyler Tafelsky

Dating back as far as the 1960s, the first-ever titanium bikes were being built by a progressive race bike manufacturer known as Teledyn. The California-based bike company developed the Titan model in the 1970s, which quickly caught on as a high-performance titanium bike.

Since then, titanium bikes have maintained an authoritative reputation in the greater world of bicycles. Well-known for its durable resilience, outstanding longevity, lightweight frame, and corrosive-resistant properties, titanium has become a hot commodity across all types of cycling, ranging from road to gravel bikes and competitive racing to leisurely touring.

Titanium Takes Bloom in the Bike World

Titanium didn’t attract widespread attention as a high-end bike frame material until the 1990s. When tour racing and the bike technology that went with it picked up traction, any performance advantage was exploited to its fullest potential. Titanium is lighter than steel, more robust than aluminum, and easy to work with compared to carbon fiber. It wasn’t before long when numerous race bike manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon. From tour riding to triathlon, titanium gained popularity in all calibers of cycling.

Carbon was at the time, and still remains to be, one of the most common mainstream materials for performance cycling. It can be easily mass-produced at relatively efficient costs and delivers incredible weight advantages without compromising on ample strength. 

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      Though only 5-foot-8 and 170 pounds, Al Bumbry was a four-year basketball player at Virginia State College (now University). The school restarted its baseball program during his career and Bumbry hit .578 during his senior season to earn notice from the Baltimore Orioles, who picked him in the 11th round of the MLB Draft.

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