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What’s Brett Favre Doing These Days? 1

Posted on April 06, 2020 by Martin Banks

Before Aaron Rodgers, the Wisconsinite dynasty that is the Green Bay Packers was led by another legendary gunslinger. Millennials might not recall the glory days of Brett Favre delivering laser-guided long-range passes to Antonio Freeman, Mark Chmura and Donald Driver, but he is one of the league’s few three-year consecutive MVPs and a respected Hall of Fame quarterback.

You might spot Favre appearing on the occasional sporting goods commercial, but if you guessed that he’s got much more going on, you’d be right. So what is your favorite QB up to these days?

Staying Active

It’s not just in the commercials that Favre continues to live up to his athletic past. The 16-season NFL quarterback still covers 100-plus miles per week on his bicycle. 

By the look of him, he could step right in behind center today and do just fine. He’s also taken up competing in triathlons and even an Ironman competition in Key West. 

Favre points out that he’s discovered a love for travel., and has visited such places as Yellowstone National Park with his wife, Deana. 

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How to Tailgate Like a Pro 0

Posted on April 01, 2020 by Martin Banks

Tailgating might be a pastime for some. But to the truly faithful, it’s nearly a profession. Gameday rituals must be observed, and it takes more than a hurried grocery run and a few folding chairs to make a memorable tailgate party.

Crafting a gameday experience that gets you and your friends hyped up for the big game, well-fed and in prime position to move the party right on into the stadium requires planning and commitment. We submit to you our five tips on how to host the ultimate tailgate party. Do these things and you can’t lose!

Kick Out the Jams

Many teams have their favorite theme songs, but even your favorite sports bar can play some classic rock or hype-up hip hop between commercials to keep spirits high.

Adding some music to your tailgate party is easier than ever thanks to the huge selection of portable wireless speakers on the market. Grab your favorite one, mix up a party-appropriate playlist and get down before the game! You may want to bring some extra batteries or a power bank, since the speaker will probably be turned up loud all afternoon.

Don’t Skimp on Seating

Yes, people want to be active at a tailgate party. But they also need a place to rest and conserve energy for the critical match while enjoying the plentiful spread you’ve provided.

Make sure you have lots of extra seating. Consider some ever-popular inflatable couches, or go for deluxe folding chairs that you can easily stack and shuttle home when you’re done. Cupholders are a must-have, too. And don’t subject your guests to such inhumane treatment as those flimsy deck chairs that have been collecting dust since Dad used ’em in the ’80s.

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Avoid Sports Withdrawals: Vintage College Basketball Games to Watch on YouTube 2

Posted on March 14, 2020 by Dean Hybl

With March Madness cancelled, the entire sports world on pause and many public gatherings and places across the country and globe closed due to the COVID-19 virus, there are only so many shows on Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming channels that we can watch before sports withdrawals are surely to kick in.

Fortunately, YouTube is home to a plethora of vintage sporting events that can help pass the time before live sports return.

In part 1 of a multi-part series, Sports Then and Now has selected 10 vintage conference tournament games that include some of the all-time moments and players in college basketball history. For each one we have included the records, rankings, coaches and notable players at the time of the game, but are not spoiling the game with a summary in case you don’t remember the outcome and want to enjoy the moment without spoilers.

Ray Allen led Connecticut against Georgetown and Allen Iverson in the 1996 Big East Tournament Finals.

The fun part about watching vintage games is that it includes the original announcers, as well as showcasing some players who went on to greatness often before they had become household names, or as they were building their reputation. Players like Patrick Ewing, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Ralph Sampson, Tim Duncan, Jerry Stackhouse and many more are included in our selections.

There are certainly other great games to watch on YouTube, but we have chosen these partly because the entire game is available and the game epitomized the excitement of March Madness.


1983 ACC Tournament Championship Game – Virginia vs. North Carolina State

Records Entering Game: Virginia 27-3; North Carolina State: 19-10

National Ranking: Virginia #2; North Carolina State unranked

Coaches: UVA: Terry Holland; North Carolina State: Jim Valvano

Notable Players: UVA – Ralph Sampson, Othell Wilson, Ricky Stokes, Rick Carlisle; NC State – Thurl Bailey, Sidney Lowe, Lorenzo Charles, Dereck Whittenburg, Terry Gannon

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Top Slot Game Developers 0

Posted on March 08, 2020 by Lisa Turnbull

A lot has changed since Charles D. Fey first created his infamous Liberty Bell slot machine, something that very quickly led to the widespread proliferation of an entirely new, and incredibly exciting mode of gambling. This was the first genuinely commercially viable machine that actually paid out money, landing Charles D. Fey the honor of being the originator of commercial slots.

That was back in the very late 1800s… forward-wind a hundred years and slots are literally everywhere to be the same. They took over casinos all over the world in the 20th Century, but the 21st Century has ushered in a new era of slot gambling driven entertainment, one that takes place online. There are a few online slot developers that have been responsible for this dramatic shift due to their extremely good games, let’s take a look at some of these – play at Star Slots

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How to Boost Your Bankroll in Online Poker for Free? 2

Posted on February 13, 2020 by John Harris

The gaming world of real online poker has been a profitable venture for both gaming operators and poker players due to the insurmountable stakes involved in this mind sport. Today, India has embraced this industry with a lot more fervor and optimism than earlier and the domestic poker circuit is able to churn its own share of profits through this mind boggling skill sport. 

We know reigning on the felts of online poker tables is not an easy do and requires in-depth game study, applying reverse psychology on your opponents with a stroke of luck to push you forward in dire situations. As such, focusing on your game must be your top priority in case you wish to make the switch to real money online poker in near future. In this blog, we shall help you aim higher by finding ways to boost its supporting mechanism “bankroll” from scratch and max your earnings for free and low risk at the birth of your online real money poker venture.

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Vintage Video: Remembering the Greatness of Kobe Bryant 0

Posted on February 05, 2020 by Dean Hybl

While the shock over the tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others has started to wear off, the tributes to his basketball greatness will continue for a while, especially with the NBA All-Star game coming up soon and the Olympics later this year.

As most sports fan knows, Kobe’s legacy is a complicated one and it is okay to remember and recognize both his great strengths and his flaws.

However, given that Sports Then and Now is a site that celebrates sports history, we wanted to remember the basketball greatness of Kobe through our Vintage Video segment.

Below are some highlights from Kobe’s exceptional NBA career.

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      Rocky Colavito

      The Sports Then and Now Vintage Athlete of the Month was just the fifth player in Major League Baseball history to have 11 straight seasons with 20 or more home runs, yet could not sustain that greatness long enough to earn a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

      In some sense, the legend of Rocco “Rocky” Colavito Jr. began long before he ever started pounding home runs at the major league level.

      Born and raised as a New York Yankees fan in The Bronx, Colavito was playing semipro baseball before he was a teenager and dropped out of high school at 16 after his sophomore year to pursue a professional career. The major league rule at the time said a player could not sign with a pro team until his high school class graduated, but after sitting out for one year, Colavito was allowed to sign at age 17.

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