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2009 – 2010 NBA Preview

Posted on October 27, 2009 by Matt Golden

Who will win it all in 2010?

Eastern Conference:

Eastern Division

Boston Celtics 62-20 (2)

If the Celts win more than 65, I start to get nervous. I’d almost rather 55. They will deal with an above average number of injuries, but the injuries are minor. The key word is management.

Toronto Raptors 46-36 (4)

Can Turkoglu do for Bosh what he did for Howard? I think this team gels, Calderon takes the next step, Turkoglu continues to be a killer in the pick and roll, and Bosh has his best year. This team will be a tough out.

Philadelphia 76ers 39-43 (8)

If Elton Brand stays healthy, the Sixers can sneak back into the playoffs…where they get swept by the LeBrons.

New York Knicks 32-50 (12)

They are a team of scrubs and role players. But they play D’Antoni ball so that makes them better than the Nets.

New Jersey Nets 21-61 (15)

Two words: Yi Jianlian. Watch out for the Russian mob.

Central Division:

Cleveland Caviliers 64-18 (1)

We are all witnesses. I am a believer in the Shaq experiment. This team’s season doesn’t start until they face either Boston or Orlando in the conference finals. It is Finals or bust after two disappointing finishes. Does LeBron stay or does he go?

Chicago Bulls 41-41 (7)

I think Derrick Rose is a special player and can’t wait to see him matched up against Rondo and the Celts again in the first round.

Detroit Pistons 36-46 (10)

I feel bad for Detroit as a city. They need something good to happen to them. Prince and Hamilton are champions biding time as their careers begin to fade. Here’s to hoping they catch a break sooner rather than later.

Indiana Pacers 34-48 (11)

I love the uptempo style. They may stink but at least they will be entertaining.

Milwaukee Bucks 24-58 (14)

This team doesn’t just stink, it’s boring.

Southeast Division

Orlando Magic 60-22 (3)

I am not a Vince Carter fan, but he gives them some much needed athletic scoring that Hedu took with him. Don’t sleep on Matt Barnes, he is a big addition.

Atlanta Hawks 44-38 (5)

This team took a step back, or at least a step sideways, last year. I look forward to more treading water.

Miami Heat 43-39 (6)

DWade needs help. This poor guy is looking forward to another year of 1-5 basketball.

Washington Wizards 37-45 (9)

Overrated. This team will find a way to choke. Jamison is just phase 1.

Charlotte Bobcats 30-52 (13)

Larry Brown has his work cut out for him. Being that I believe he is a legend, this team will get better as the year progresses.


Round One:

Cavs over Sixers in 4
Celts over Bulls in 6
Magic over Heat in 7
Raptors over Hawks in 5

Cavs over Celts in 7

Semi Finals:

Cavs over Raptors in 5
Celts over Magic in 7

Eastern Conference Finals:

Cavs over Celtics in 7

Western Conference:

Southwest Division

San Antonio Spurs 58-22 (2)

Timmy might be getting old, but this team hasn’t been elite for a decade for one man alone. This is a model franchise and they are loaded yet again.

New Orleans Hornets 46-36 (6)

I am still pissed at how lame the Hornets were in the playoffs last year.

Dallas Mavericks 44-38 (7)

I love Cuban, but this team is going nowhere fast, especially with Howard’s injury issues.

Houston Rockets 39-43 (10)

No Yao, No McGrady…No playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies 32-50 (13)

As has been well documented, I love AI, but I just don’t see this working out very well. The team just isn’t very good.

Northwest Division

Utah Jazz 55-27 (3)

The Jazz are an extremely good team. They have everything going for them…except the fact that they can’t beat the Lakers (or Spurs).

Denver Nuggets 53-29 (4)

I don’t think last year was a fluke. I love the mean streak this team had and they are going to be a force.

Portland Trail Blazers 48-34 (5)

I want Oden to be good and healthy so bad. I feel a lot of his critisms are premature.

Oklahoma City Thunder 37-45 (11)

Durant is a stud and this team will be in the playoff hunt until the final two weeks.

Minnesota Timberwolves 33-49 (12)

A lousy and unwatchable team.

Pacific Division

Los Angeles Lakers 63-19 (1)

I think Artest blows up at some point this year.

Los Angeles Clippers 43-39 (8)

This team is ready. Call me crazy. Call me naive. Baron Davis plays like a man on a mission and we get a Laker-Clipper playoff.

Phoenix Suns 40-42 (9)

I very eh kinda team. Head scratching right? Aging vets and nobodies?

Golden State Warriors 31-51 (14)

This team has train wreck written all over it. It adds a new level of recklessness to the up and down play.

Sacramento Kings 25-57 (15)

Tyreke Evans will be a monster after the All Star break.


Round One:

Lakers over Clippers in 6
Spurs over Mavs in 5
Jazz over Hornets in 4
Nuggets over Blazers in 7

Semi Finals:

Lakers over Nuggets in 7
Spurs over Jazz in 7

Western Conference Finals:

Lakers over Spurs in 7

World Champions:

Cleveland and LeBron should take home the trophy in 2010.

Cleveland and LeBron should take home the trophy in 2010.

Cleveland Cavs over Los Angeles Lakers in 6.

League MVP:

LeBron James

LeBron James

Rookie of the Year:

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin

Matt Golden  covers the Boston Celtics and NBA for Boston Sports Then and Now. You can check out more of his great work on his blog: North Station Sports.

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