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The NHL Gives Fans & Business Owners The FINGER By Canceling All November Games

Posted on October 26, 2012 by Joe Gill

If Fans Accept It Now, It Will Be Easier To Cope.

The NHL continues their BULLYING tactics against the NHLPA. Their “take it or leave it” mentality has cost hockey fans everywhere the thing they LOVE. “The Grinch That Will Steal Another Season” AKA Gary Bettman announced that all games in November have been cancelled.

Can it get ANY WORSE?


Rumors are swirling that Bettman The Bastard will cancel the NHL All-Star Game & the Winter Classic this coming Monday. The league is going to scrap one of the few things they have done right…..the spectacle and money making machine that is the Winter Classic. The game was to feature the Red Wings and Maple Leafs at the Big House at the University Of Michigan.

The Winter Classic Looks To Be The Next Casualty.

The NHL is MASTERING the art of the EPIC FAIL.

A league that was FINALLY riding the wave of POPULARITY and PROFITABILITY is pissing MILLIONS down the toilet.

Makes a lot of sense, LOSE MILLIONS To MAKE MILLIONS.


The two groups of people being hit the HARDEST by this JOKE of a professional sports league are the business owners and fans.

Business owners are taking a BATH in lost revenues and arena workers are losing wages. People who need thousands are being PUNISHED by millionaires and billionaires……..collateral damage in the eyes of the owners no less.

Then there are the fans…..the tweet below describes EXACTLY how hockey fans feel from Vancouver to Dallas to Boston…

With the THREAT of yet another season canceled due to the GLUTTONY of GREED…fans will have to fill their HOCKEY VOID.

Minor league hockey, hockey video games, college hockey, bubble hockey, high school hockey, the NBA , KHL & NFL will BENEFIT from the absence of the red headed step child of sports leagues…..

No Hope Left…

They make the USFL look like a well oiled machine….

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