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ST&N’s NHL Playoff Preview With Goal Horn Songs! (VIDEO)

Posted on May 01, 2013 by Joey Goldstein
Which team's goal song will carry them to victory in the 2013 GSC?

Which team’s goal song will carry them to victory in the 2013 GSC?

The NHL playoffs kick off in a few hours and I really don’t think that there is a better playoff series in sports. There is nothing like playoff hockey. The tempo of the game, the physicality and the effort shown by all of the guys on the ice blows every other sport out of the water.

If you have ever been to a hockey game you know all about the goal horns that go off when a team scores. Personally, I think the horns are awesome but what I like even more are the songs that follow. Every team has their own goal song and every song, if played enough, can start to drive a visiting goalie insane.

Goal songs come in all forms. There are chants, there are up tempo songs, classic songs and songs that straight up make you want to dance. But it’s playoff time, so for 16 other teams their goal scoring days are over (at least for this season). It’s time for me to reveal my playoff bracket based on which songs are the best. I also welcome any of you to leave your comments and let me know who your Goal Song Cup winner would be.

(1) Pittsburgh Penguins


(8) New York Islanders

Even though the Islanders share their song with another team in this bracket, I can’t get enough of “Crowd Chant” by Joe Satriani. Yeah, I know the Penguins have a classic song that is played at sporting events all across the country, but that’s the reason I don’t like them in this match up. I want something new, I want something fresh! The Islanders have this awesome song, they are up and coming as a team and this song gets me pumped up. Winner: New York Islanders

(2) Montreal Canadiens

(7) Ottawa Senators

As much as I love “More” by Usher (and any Usher song for that matter), it just does not belong at a hockey game. The Canadiens’ song just has that royalty element to it. I sounds like music that should be played when the King or Queen walks into a room. Not only that, but the song also gets the crowd involved which is important when your team scores. The Senators song just makes people want to dance and in Canada, that is the last thing people want to do at a hockey game. Winner: Montreal Canadiens

(3) Washington Capitals

(6) New York Rangers

I love the Rangers goal song. The music combined with the crowd screaming “Let’s Go Rangers!” in the background is just awesome. When I listen to Washington’s music, they just have too much going on. There is a song for each goal scored and that just shows me that they are too indecisive to come up with one awesome song. Just make a decision for me and for your fans. Shame on you Washington, shame on you. Winner: New York Rangers

(4) Boston Bruins

(5) Toronto Maple Leafs

I may be in the minority here, but I hate the Bruins goal song. It’s just boring and they should change it to this (no seriously, can we get the Bruins to change their goal song to that song?). However, if there is one thing I hate more than the B’s song it’s the “Harlem Shake”. That song wasn’t very good, the video’s were pretty stupid (except for a few) and it is just way too overplayed. It was a phase that all of America quickly outgrew. So, it makes perfect sense that they are still playing it in Canada. Give me Zombie Nation FOR THE WIN! Winner: Boston Bruins (and they are going to win the real series in 6)

(1) Chicago Blackhawks

(8) Minnesota Wild

Even though it’s the same as the Islanders’ song and I love it, Chicago has this one in a land slide. Nothing else to say. Winner: Chicago Blackhawks

(2) Anaheim Ducks

(7) Detroit Red Wings

The Anaheim Ducks use the same crappy song that I hate hearing when I play NHL 13. So they are already off to a really bad start. When you look at Detroit, their goal horn is classic and the song is original. That is something that you don’t get with many other teams – originality. I also know that when this song comes on, The Joe goes nuts and Hockeytown loves it. Winner: Detroit Red Wings

(3) Vancouver Canucks

(6) San Jose Sharks

I intern for the AHL affiliate of the Sharks in Worcester, and they use the same song as San Jose. The fact that they don’t even use the real song by Gary Glitter just says “We’re weak”. It sounds like a ringtone I would have used for my LG flip phone back in 2004. This is the only time you will ever hear me say Vancouver did something good, so take it in. Winner: Vancouver Canucks

(4) St. Louis Blues

(5) Los Angeles Kings

Interesting match up right here. Both songs have that old school/classic element to them. However, I have to give the edge to the Kings. Why? Well Randy Newman is in it, so that’s a point. The song uses the city name, another point. The song also breaks into cheer for the crowd to sing along with, point again. St. Louis just is just living in that past, time to move on. Winner: Los Angeles Kings

So, with round 1 over, we must reseed in typical NHL playoff fashion.

Can the Rangers bounce back from a sub-par regular season and advance to the Cup?

Can the Rangers bounce back from a sub-par regular season and advance to the Cup?

(2) Canadiens vs (8) Islanders

The Islanders are making a run at this Goal Song Cup! Their music just gets me fired up and that is way cooler (especially in a playoff atmosphere) than some stupid pompous sounding music. Looking back on it, I can’t believe I even let Montreal move on. Winner: Islanders

(4) Bruins vs (6) Rangers

It kills me to do this, but this is as far as Boston goes in my bracket. The Rangers song just has too many elements that are better than the Bruins’ music. Looks like we have a battle in NYC to be the Eastern Champ. Winner: Rangers

(1) Blackhawks vs (7) Red Wings

This is probably the toughest musical match up for me to pick. I have family in both cities, so either way I am going to hear about this decision. I have to go with Chicago though. “Chelsea Dagger” is everything a goal song should be and when you light the lamp as much as Chicago does, goalies start to lose their minds. Winner: Blackhawks

Can the Kings pull off back to back titles?

Can the Kings pull off back to back titles?

(3) Canucks vs (5) Kings

Have fun golfing Vancouver! Winner: Kings

In the conference finals, I think the Kings fall short in winning back to back titles and the Blackhawks advance to the Cup. In the east, we have two of my favorite goal songs in hockey. I am going to let the Cinderella story continue! Let’s go Islanders!

It all comes down to this. A 1 seed versus and 8 seed. The Islanders look to keep their unbelievable story alive while the Blackhawks try and cap a dominant season out west. As crazy as I may be about the Islanders song, the Blackhawks’ goal song is perfect. Every other team in the league should take notes and make some changes so they can play music as awesome as Chicago.


Goal Song Cup Champion: Chicago Blackhawks

Time to celebrate in Chi-town. CUE THE MUSIC!

Time to celebrate in Chi-town. CUE THE MUSIC!

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