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3 Best NBA Prospects On The Saint Louis Billikens

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Michael Sanduso

St. Louis Billikens

1 –Dwayne Evans

When checking out, you will be bombarded with information. Saint Louis bombards its opponents with intelligent and rugged play, epitomized by Evans. Here’s the most likely NBA prospect for Saint Louis. Evans is by far the best player on the Saint Louis roster, not just the team’s primary scoring threat. Evans powered the Billikens to the Atlantic 10 championship last season with his constant energy and his ability to get into the paint on offense. Strong and intelligent, Evans displays a level of poise as a ball-handler which makes up for a deficit in terms of quickness. Evans knows how to maneuver his body through a defense with the ball, and he knows how to get to the rim. When you look at him in game action, you are inclined to think that he’s not fast enough to get to the rim or within five feet of the basket for a floater, but he regularly does precisely that, and defenses just don’t wind up stopping him – it’s strange but undeniable. What might be his best attribute as a player is that Evans is an outstanding defender, averaging over one steal per game and almost one blocked shot per game – this at 6-6 on the wing. Being the leading scoring option on a team would make many players unwilling to make a big investment on defense, but that’s not how Evans rolls.

2 – Jordair Jett’s sports book will take you through various odds and numbers, and for Saint Louis, it doesn’t really matter which player gets the scoring numbers. What counts is that this offense functions in an efficient way, and Jett is the man at the center of the operation for the Billikens. Jett is the catalyst for the rest of the team. Jett finds a way to spread the wealth around get other players involved in the Saint Louis offense. SLU is one of those teams that depends on balanced scoring rather than a star system, and Jett, who averages 4.8 assists per game, is the man who makes things happen for this offense as an initiator of halfcourt sets and the person who gets players into their proper positions when a set play begins.  Jett’s ability to create opportunities for teammates makes him the kind of unselfish point guard that NBA talent evaluators will want to study in greater detail.

3 – Rob Loe

It might be hard to find a third legitimate NBA prospect on this roster, but if anyone does qualify, it’s probably Loe, a big man who gives himself over to the grunt work part of low-post play instead of insisting on getting the rock each time down the floor. Saint Louis’s recent teams have not featured particularly long or athletic big men, the kinds of low-post players who attract a lot of attention at both ends of the floor. The Billikens produce big men who set lots of screens, facilitate ball movement, slide naturally into halfcourt sets, and exhibit sound positional defense. Loe’s main job is to be a helper for his teammates, especially on defense. As long as he’s holding his own as a low-post defender, he’s giving SLU what it craves… and he might be able to carve out a career as a defender-rebounder type of player on the low blocks.

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