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3 Best NBA Prospects On The UMass Minutemen

Posted on January 21, 2014 by Jay Moreny
Derek Kellogg has the UMass Minutemen contending for an NCAA title.

Derek Kellogg has the UMass Minutemen contending for an NCAA title.

1 – Chaz Williams

The best live sports betting sites on the internet, such as, will tell you that the biggest reason Massachusetts is likely to snag an NCAA tournament berth this season is Williams, a 5-9 sparkplug of a guard who has led the Minutemen in scoring at 15.9 points per game while handing out a dazzling 7.4 assists per game. The scoring and passing Williams has injected into this team’s offense has made UMass very hard to guard. The extent to which Williams has broken through this season – a season that might not have unfolded if Williams had left early for the NBA draft – is a product of the patience displayed by Massachusetts head coach Derek Kellogg, who elaborated on his relationship with Williams and the need for Williams to stay one more season in order to become a more NBA-ready player:

“The reality of it is, my job is just to get him the right information. Sometimes when you’re the coach talking, it can get construed that you’re asking me to come back for yourself or the team. The decision was, do you want to be a potential second-round pick or do you want to go back and do something special? The things that were important to Chaz and his family, I think he does want to be on line to graduate. He does want to do something special at a university and try to lead a program and a team back to national prominence and get to an NCAA Tournament. I explained to him, you’re on the verge of doing something not a lot of players have done here. You’re on the verge of taking a program and helping get a program back and resurrect a program. Let’s shoot for something special.”

2 –Cady Lalanne

When engaging in live betting at, you have to look at how complementary players work off their teammates to be productive on the court. Lalanne clearly works well in tandem with Williams. He is Massachusetts’ primary low-post player who benefits from Williams’ ability to not only share the ball, but to get into the paint and draw defenders, thereby giving Lalanne the chance to get good looks near the rim. Lalanne’s offense, though, is not even the main reason he is on the radar as an NBA prospect. He hauls down 9.4 rebounds per game and swats 2.6 shots per game. Those are above-average numbers as a rebounder and interior defender, and they will get Lalanne noticed by NBA scouts in the months and weeks ahead.

3 – Sampson Carter

For all the ways in which Lalanne dominates the paint for UMass, Carter chips in to a substantial degree. He averages 11.5 points, third on the team, and he plucks 4.7 rebounds per game. Lalanne gets so many loose balls over the course of a game that Carter’s total of nearly five boards per night really isn’t all that bad. He’s a force to be reckoned with in the low post.

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