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Does Mobile Technology Influence the World of Sports?

Posted on January 19, 2016 by John Harris

Mobile-techA good question – and, in my opinion, the answer is a definite no.

Today’s mobile technology influences a lot of aspects of our lives. It has changed the way we communicate with each other, growing the use of social media and various chat apps over the traditional voice calls and text messages. It has changed the way we consume media, putting video streams into our pockets. The increased use of smartphones has determined the increase of mobile internet speed, allowing for faster downloads and seamless video streaming. But sports? No, it didn’t change it in any way.

But mobile technology has had a major influence on how we attend our favorite games. The improved speed of video streaming makes it possible for a basketball fan to watch a game live at the stadium, while following another one on a smartphone. You can even bet on a game while you sit in the stands if you like, thanks to your smartphone and the various online betting services available today. Mobile technology allows you to be in two places at the same time (virtually, of course), or even three.

The development of mobile phones and mobile networks has changed the way we stay up to date on the latest sports news as well. Back in the day we had to read the papers to find out what the result of yesterday’s game was. Later we could simply turn on our computers and read the news about the game a mere minutes after it ended. We thought that was lightning fast – but mobile managed to beat its time. Thanks to mobile broadband and the increasingly smart devices in our pockets we can now stay up to date with the latest scores wherever we might be. And wearable devices even went one step further, notifying us of the result of a match instantly – right on our wrists.

And when it comes to sports analysis, we are invaded by an abundance of sources. Analysts, tipsters and other specialists are constantly sharing their expertise about our favorite sports over the internet. We can read articles, we can watch videos or listen to podcasts while sitting, jogging or working out if we like. Our smartphones can even read us the articles if we have our eyes occupied otherwise.

Perhaps the only way mobile technology is influencing the world of sports is through money. Smartphones, wearables and other devices that rely on internet to help us communicate are in trend, making a lot of money for their manufacturers. And some of these, along with network operators and other companies, spend a lot on sports sponsorship. Which is good for the development of teams.

So, mobile does influence the world of sports. But just a bit – and for the better.

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