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The 5 Most Common Professional Sports Injuries

Posted on August 03, 2016 by Kara Masterson

soccer-injuryProfessional athletes are constantly striving for physical perfection and athletic greatness, and that very often means injuring themselves in the pursuit of those goals. Some injuries and maladies are more common than others among professional athletes, regardless of the sport or activity that they participate in. Here are five of the most common professional sports injuries that befall athletes:

Pulled Muscles

Overexertion and rapid acceleration often lead to pulled muscles, which are the bane of any athlete’s existence. The severity of pulled muscle injuries varies widely: athletes who pull their biceps muscle attempting to throw or lift a heavy weight may only be sidelined for a couple of days whereas athletes who pull their hamstrings running may miss several months. The spectra of a pulled muscle can be mostly avoided with proper stretching and warming up, but they can never be completely eradicated from the sports world.

MCL/ACL Tear or Strain

The knee is an amazing joint, but it is also very complex and fragile and therefore susceptible to painful injury. The MCL and ACL ligaments are frequently damaged by quick stops and starts or rapid attempted changes in direction. These injuries can be devastating to an athletic career, and injured parties require surgery and several months of intense physical therapy to fully recover.

Sprained Ankle

The ankle is another part of the body that is subject to undue amounts of pain during athletic activity. Almost everyone who has recreationally played either basketball, football or soccer has sprained an ankle, and professional athletes often suffer the same fate. Severe ankle injuries can keep players out of the lineup for weeks, but most sprains are minor and only require rest to heal. For example, high ankle sprains, which are the most serious type of ankle injury, can take over three months to return to normal function.


Up until 20 years ago, no one in the athletic or medical establishment really knew anything about concussions. People still don’t know a lot about their long-term effects, but they have become one of the most diagnosed head injuries in every sport. When diagnosed with a concussion, it is important to see a trained Utah brain injury lawyer in order to discuss potential recovery options and risky behaviors.


These minor injuries impact every athlete in the world, and although they can look nasty, with proper stitching technique and wound dressing they pose no long-term threat to the player or athlete. However, it is essential for you to get them looked at as soon as you can. That way you can get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Overall, injuries are a part of life; this is particularly true for professional athletes. Physical care, stretching, and warming up can help athletes avoid injuries, but when accidents inevitably happen, it is important to seek the advice of a trained medical professional in a relevant field.

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