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Sports Networking Through Gambling

Posted on October 11, 2016 by Masoom Anwar

sports-betting-onlineSports betting is without question a driving force in the popularity of sports worldwide. This is not to say that sports would not be thriving without a betting market–but it certainly helps. Betting on sports allows individuals with a higher level of knowledge (or at least, they believe they have some higher level of knowledge) to earn money for their research and play their convictions and instincts against the bookmakers. Oftentimes, the real sharps in Las Vegas know exactly what type of line they are looking for, and understand how the bookmakers work better than the traditional sports fan. Sports betting is not without it’s scandals and scandalous personality, such as disgraced ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy, but the existence of cheats and match fixers has not persuaded people from continuing to bet on games in all sorts of avenues, from casino sports books, to online sportsbooks such as Betser betting. Gambling can help bring you closer to other sports fans, and some of the most knowledge sports fans as well.

How Can I Use Gambling as Networking?

Well, if you’re exceptionally good–you should create a blog and post your picks and you will gain notoriety for your ability to correcting pick lines and games worthy of betting. One great example of gambling as networking is Haralobos Voulgaris, one of the most prolific NBA bettors in history, who has parlayed his betting acumen into a recurring guest role on the popular Bill Simmons podcast, as well as a healthy social media following. He is now regarded as a sports personality, which stemmed from his success in gambling.

It is possible for regular joes to do this same thing, and network in the same way. Perhaps you’ll never be interviewed by Bill Simmons, but by tracking and editorializing your gambles, you can build a following–if you are right more than you’re wrong. Everyone is looking for the edge, and with a little SEO and some good picks, these people will end up on your website, or your social media, or your whatever, the fact is, they will know who you are. Media outlets may contact you for comments, larger betting syndicates may want to hire you to be their expert on site. Basically, if you succeed in your bets, you can succeed elsewhere as well. And elsewhere might just be more sustainable and less stressful!

Where to Begin?

Depending on where you live, you may have the option to begin with a brick and mortar sportsbook–but more likely you will need to go online to make your bets. There are a number of sites vying for your bets, so make sure to read reviews, an example being this Betser review. Make sure you do your research to find which sites have the best lines, the best deposit bonuses, and are the safest to deposit and cash out from.

From there, place your bets and write about them, explain your reasoning (though perhaps not your entire betting system), and gain a following of people who trust your picks. From there, interact with your following, and move forward with whatever amount of celebrity status you can achieve by being a guest on other websites, podcasts or other media outlets.

It is a lot of work to network in any regard, but networking through gambling is perhaps one of the easiest ways to gain a following. Simply put, if you are consistently recommending winning bets, people will take notice.

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