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How To Make Money From Your Sporting Obsession

Posted on August 14, 2017 by John Harris

Sport Hockey Fan Team Ice HockeyNot many of us have the good fortune to play sports for a living. If we did, we would soon be on the way to making a fortune. However, while we may need to be content with the meager salary we get from our ‘normal’ jobs, there are still ways to make money from our sporting obsession.

Here are a few (sporting) tips to get you going, and you won’t need to break any sweat in the process.

Sports betting

An easy, though risky way to make money from sports, is to take part in sports betting. From horse racing to EPL betting, signing up to a site like Unibet and spending a little bit of money on the bet can net you a sizeable return if your luck is in. Of course, you can just as easily lose money, and for many people, betting can lead to a gambling addiction. However, if you limit yourself each month, you may just score your bank balance a winning goal.

Sell sporting memorabilia

You have probably amassed quite a bit of memorabilia yourself over the years, and amongst the tat, you have no doubt built up, there may be something that is worth a lot of money. Of course, true sports obsessives will buy anything associated with their favorite team or sport, so you may be able to sell anything in your collection. Letting go of it, of course, is another matter, but if you want to make money, this is a viable way to do it. Take a look at sites such as Amazon and eBay and price up your items.

If you know your stuff about your chosen sport, you may even find something of value online or at a car boot sale, giving you the means to sell it for a profit. Be aware that there are a lot of forgeries out there, however, so be wary of sellers looking to flog signed items, for example.

Sports photography

If you know one end of the camera from another and have a good eye for a picture, then sporting photography is a worthy profession. However, it is cutthroat, so you will need to be able to stand up to the competition, and have some decent equipment. You could sell your photos freelance to local media, or showcase your pictures online and sell them to any other interested parties.

Set up a fantasy league

You can set up a fantasy league for most team sports, from basketball to football, so check out this dummies guide to help get you started. There are a number of ways to make money, including a monthly fee for members. Adverts can also generate income, especially if your league website attracts a lot of visitors. You will also have a lot of fun, to boot, as thousands of fantasy league players will testify.

And so…

You may not be able to kick a ball like a pro, but you can still turn your passion into a money maker. Be wise with your cash so as not to score an own goal, and who knows, you may take home the figurative trophy with the money you make.

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