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Get Your Tailgate Ready: Preparing Your Car for the Big Game

Posted on August 21, 2017 by Dixie Somers

Tailgating-1Some die hard football fans will visit the stadium without even having a ticket to get in. That’s because it can be just as fun, if not more fun, to tailgate and watch the game from the comforts of your own car. In fact, 42 percent of tailgaters spend over $500 a season making sure everything is just right. When the NFL season kicks off, more and more fans will be busy all Sunday long packing, prepping, and enjoying tailgate parties. If you’re going to be hosting your own tailgate party in your special stall, here are some tips to prepare your car:

Cargo Carrier Complete With Hitch

You might be able to fit some of the key items that you’ll need for the big day in your trunk, but you’ll probably need a cargo carrier if you’re throwing a sizable party. When you have the portable sun shades, seating, a smoker, a barbecue, tables, and all of the fine linen that you need to set the mood, you’ll need space. Make sure you have a cargo carrier that’s compatible with the hitch on your vehicle. Check out sizes, weights, and designs to see which one will have the right capacity.

Air Compressors for Inflation

Flat tires can flatten the mood. If you have an air compressor with you, you don’t have to deflate the fun just because you have a flat. These tools are also handy when you need to inflate balls, seats, and anything else. Simply plug into the AC adapter, and you’ll have air in seconds. You can go to a place like U Pull & Pay if you need other car parts for the big day.

A Toolbox BBQ Kit

If you want to get a little creative, you can make your very own toolbox BBQ kit so that you have everything you need while you’re slathering the best meats with BBQ sauce. Include everything you have to have from a spatula and lighter to matches and tongs, and you won’t have to turn around on your way to your lucky parking spot.

Plenty of Power

What fun is a tailgate party without music, big screen TV’s, satellites, and blenders? You’re going to need plenty of power and you can’t rely on everything to run off of your truck. You can buy a power inverter that will change the electrical current so that you can charge devices and power the ones that don’t hold a charge. It’s best to find an inverter that can be charged ahead of time to avoid a dead battery situation.

Pocket Jump Start Tool

If you do get a little too excited about the game and you leave your radio on for a bit too long, it’s helpful to have both jumper cables and a pocket jump start machine. This portable machine connects to the battery and jumps without the need to chase down another fan to pull their car over and help. These machines are handy for everyday use.

There are plenty of ways to prepare for your tailgate party. Make sure that you cook as much as possible before leaving your home. Pack ahead of time and create a checklist. If you’re prepared, you can enjoy as much of the game as possible and get that ‘W’ in the process.

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