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How Trampolines Can Help You Get in Shape

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Martin Banks

Any child will tell you how much fun a trampoline is. In fact, you probably experienced the joy of trampolining when you were a kid too. It turns out these fixtures of the childhood backyard are more than just an activity for kids on a sunny afternoon. They’re also an ideal accessory for an intense workout.


In fact, the American Council on Exercise says that a mere 20 minutes of jumping up and down on a mini trampoline gives you just as much of a workout as a 20-minute run. The only difference? Most participants found bouncing to be a much more fun way to work out than pounding the pavement.

Need more incentive? Here’s how trampolines can help you reach your ideal fitness level.

1. They Condition Your Legs and Calves — and Shapes Your Abs

Bouncing up and down for several minutes at a time obviously requires you to use your legs. That’s why trampolining is a great option if you want to add a lower body conditioning routine to your workout regimen.

Another area worked by bouncing up and down? Your core. Every time you jump up and down, you’ll engage your abs to steady yourself for another bounce back up. In fact, some experts have found that a trampoline workout is better at carving toned abs than traditional crunches and sit-ups.


2. They Improve Balance

What comes up must come down — and it’s up to you to make sure you land on your feet. As we mentioned, you’ll need to engage your core to do so. And, in doing so, you’ll improve your balance and straighten your posture, which reduces strain on muscles that can occur when you stand slumped.

If your balance isn’t the best when you start trampolining, don’t worry: you can buy a trampoline with a built-in balance bar to help you get the hang of bouncing before you fly solo.

3. Jumping is a Low Impact Activity

For many exercisers, too much intensity can lead to joint pain, thus preventing further exercise. Trampolining, on the other hand, is low impact because the pad takes approximately 80 percent of the shock that would otherwise fall on your joints. In fact, many of the safety concerns that come with trampolines are not applicable to gentle, exercise-focused bouncing.

4. They Strengthen Your Heart


Partaking in cardio activities only makes your heart stronger. As you jump, you’ll boost your heart rate and circulation which, in turn, helps to fortify the entire cardiovascular system.

5. They’re Great in Conjunction With Weights

As great of an exercise that trampolining is, it’s not going to chisel lean muscle quite like weightlifting. Of course, weightlifting shouldn’t be your only workout either, so combine both cardio and toning for a workout that strengthens both your heart and muscles. Just make sure you stagger your workouts so that you’re getting the full benefits of both.

With all of this in mind, the decision to start trampolining should be an easy one. Slip into your workout clothes and find the nearest trampoline: it’s time to bounce your way to better fitness.

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