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How to train and learn Muay Thai in Thailand

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Dan Parker

Muay ThaiThe Muay Thai is a great sport that trains a person to fight in a more agile way. Once you learn this sport, you can kick, box and many other things that you would ordinarily not be in a position to do, when trained in other martial arts techniques that only train one part of the body. For a person with a deep interest in Muay Thai, there is no better place to learn this sport than in Thailand. Just as the name of the sport suggests, it has its origins in Thailand, which automatically makes Thailand the best place to learn it. That’s why we have compiled for you 3 ways to train and learn Muay Thai in Thailand.

1. Join a Muay Thai camp

One of the best ways to learn this sport is to join a Muay Thai camp and get to train with other people who have an interest in this sport. The great thing about joining a Muay Thai camp is that it gives you access to the best gym facilities in the country. It is in such gyms that you get to train with the best, while at the same time having access to nearby accommodation so that you don’t get distracted during the training period.  On top of that, joining a Muay Thai camp allows you not only to train, but also enjoy different aspects of Thai culture. For instance, you can join a camp that allows you to train, and tour the country at the same time.

2. Avoid traveling to Thailand for this sport in the cool season

While “the cool season” may give you the impression of winter, that is not the case in Thailand. The cool season in Thailand is above 20 degrees and is usually during winter in the western hemisphere. That means that it’s the time when tourists flock to Thailand, making the place very expensive.  As such, budget constraints may force you to cut your training session short if you do it during this period.  And even if you have the money, more emphasize is placed on leisure travelers and not those heading to Thailand to try their hand in Muay Thai. That’s why you need to organize your trip outside of this period if you want to properly train and learn Muay Thai.

3. Acquaint yourself with the basic aspects of Thai culture

Thai people are a religious people, which explains the Buddhist shrines that dot the country’s landscape. Muay Thai sportsmen are not exempt from this religiosity. That’s why as a novice looking to learn this sport, you need to know a thing or two about their religion. For instance, Muay Thai fighters do wai-khru-ram before they begin these fights as a sign of respect to the spirits. By acquainting yourself with some of these practices, you will win the hearts of the trainers, and they will have the motivation to give you the best training. That’s because they will feel appreciated, and respected for who they are as a people.

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