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6 Water Sports You Need to Try This Year

Posted on April 12, 2018 by Martin Banks

Summer is around the corner. If heading to the beach, think about getting off the sand and heading out into the water for more than just a swim. Many water sports are out there for us to try.

Water sports can be an exciting adventure as well as a fun way to stay in shape this summer. There are many things you can do alone as well as group activities where you can involve your friends and family. Check out a few of these water sports and see if you’d like to try some of them this year.


Water Skiing

Water skiing is the ultimate water sport. Most of us have wanted to try it at one time or another. Those of us who have experienced it know it’s not nearly as easy as it looks.

The hardest part is maintaining your balance — and your dignity — as the boat pulls you along. You will use and develop muscles you never thought about, and you’ll certainly feel them the next day.

Water skiing offers an intense workout as well as a summer thrill. Don’t try this if you aren’t in good physical condition. Practice it often, and you’ll find your way to a summer bod before you know it.



You don’t have to overexert yourself to enjoy this sport. Snorkeling provides a relaxing water experience, with the help of a mask, snorkel and maybe fins. The only challenging part is finding a body of water worth viewing. Lakes can be full of sentiment and rivers run too fast to see anything. What you really want is a coral reef teeming with life.

Coral reefs are homes to beautiful fish, dolphins, turtles, eels, sea stars, sea urchins and countless other beings you may have never seen before. You can sometimes snorkel right from the beach, or with the aid of a boat you can find a coral reef further offshore. If on vacation in a tropical area, you should have plenty of offers and advertisements for snorkeling tours.


Instead of going out into the water and catching big waves to ride on, skimboarding uses the shallow water waves along the shoreline. The trick is to catch a wave going out and ride another back in. The skimboard is smaller than a surfboard and not nearly as expensive. You can skimboard on inland lakes as well as the ocean. Skimboarding is rising in popularity with contests and championships across the USA and Europe.



Sometimes called “white water rafting” because of the rapid river currents, rafting involves navigating an inflatable boat through a river or other body of water with a strong current. Rafting is definitely a team sport. Each person has an oar, and they are expected to use it correctly to keep the raft on course.

Pay attention to the predetermined degrees of difficulty on any river. You don’t want to venture out on a course beyond your abilities. If you are new to the sport, stick to tours run by professionals. They will find a safe course with plenty of higher speed areas and waterfalls to enjoy.

Rafting has evolved into an international competitive sport.


If rafting sounds too intense, you can slow it down by kayaking. You can kayak alone or with a partner. Kayaks are smaller, thin boats which sit low to the water. Each rider has one oar with a paddle on each end. You use upper body strength and core muscles to navigate and steer the kayak.

Kayaks are enjoyable on calm water as well as rough. It’s a matter of your experience and abilities to maintain control of the kayak. You can rent a kayak wherever there are beaches and vacationers. Tourist towns offer kayak adventures and sightseeing tours.

Jet Skiing

If you want the excitement of water sports, but you want a machine to do most of the work, give jet skiing a try. This small, powerful ride lets you explore on your own and get to areas you aren’t able to reach without a boat.

You don’t need a license to ride a jet ski, but you do need to take a short training course before giving it a try. Jet skis can accelerate up to 55 mph, so you want confidence in your abilities to maintain control.

Jet skis can incorporate into other adventures such as jet ski fishing, tours and racing competitions.

Which Water Sport Will You Try?

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing on the beach and getting a tan. But there is so much to do beyond the beach towel, and the water has much more to offer than a cool, refreshing dip ever could.

You might need a boat or other seacraft to enjoy some of these adventures, but most of them require very little equipment. With a small investment or an inexpensive rental, you can take part in many activities the water has to offer. You just need an open mind and a sense of adventure.

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