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7 Tips To Becoming A Paintball Pro

Posted on July 24, 2018 by Shakshi Talwar

Becoming-A-Paintball-ProPaintballing is a sport that is always changing. Most individuals don’t realize it, but not only are the rules of the game changing, but the ways that individuals are playing the game are changing. Individuals are now undergoing relentless tactics and techniques at home to improve their game. So, what are of the best tips that can enhance your game and make you really stand out on the field?

Avoid Rapid Firing?

It is hard to deny that Extreme Sports Land offers some of the best paintball guns available on the market. In fact, if you are utilizing one of their guns it could be easy to expect to shoot anywhere from five to eight shots a second. In the heat of battle individuals can rapid fire at their targets, which can be both good and bad. If you aren’t completely careful you will find yourself with an empty chamber on the battlefield or constantly reload.

Be Careful Of Your Gas Supply

Most paintball guns are powered by pressurized carbon dioxide gas and each gun will only hold a certain amount of gas. While most advanced guns are only fitted with a twenty-ounce tank, this can run out pretty quick if you are constantly pulling the trigger. Always avoid dry firing the trigger when there are no pellets in the gun, because it will consume some of the energy from the 800 shots that you are allotted.

Train At Home

Becoming a pro paintball player requires adapting and changing to certain situations within a matter of seconds. Your body must be able to adapt and adjust quickly this is why it is important to be in good shape. Some of the simplest in-home exercises can prepare your body and get you in professional shape.

Practice Proper Aiming

Sure, aiming your barrel in the general vicinity of your opponent and firing might seem like a good scare tactic, but this not only wastes ammo it wastes your gas supply. Always take the time to look through the gun’s stock and pay attention to where the pellet goes. If your shots are falling short aim the stock of the gun a little higher to achieve the desired velocity to reach your target

Utilize Cover Properly

A cover can be your friend when it comes to paintball. While the adrenaline might be pumping and you feel like Rambo, you should never just stand out in the open. It only takes one shot to disqualify you. Use items that can adequately cover you properly. Don’t hide behind a tree that is as wide as your wrist. Instead, choose a tree with a diameter that will cover your whole body.

Don’t be Afraid To Run

Running might seem like the cowardly thing to do in the heat of battle, but moving targets are harder to hit. If you find yourself outgunned or outnumbered never be too proud to run for cover, as it could save you from elimination.

Try To Avoid Tunnel Vision

It can be extremely easy to focus on only one target. This is especially true if you are being shot at, but what about the individuals that are stealthy hiding in the tree lines? You have to remember that there are always at least ten players on a single field at a given time that are trying to take you out and focusing on just one player shooting at you could result in a premature elimination.

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