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Is Sports an Expensive Activity?

Posted on September 22, 2018 by John Harris

tennis=2018If you’re a sports lover, then you might have noticed something: it’s not always the cheapest activity on earth. From the equipment to the clothes to supporting your local sports team, there’s always one cost or another to pay. But can we call it ‘expensive’? We’re not too sure. After all, there are millions – billions? – of people around the world who engage in some sort of physical activity, and most of them are not rich. Below, we take a look at the various costs attached to sports and try to come to some conclusion about the matter.

The Equipment

You need some equipment to play sports, even if that’s just a car to take you to the track. But most sports require much more than this. Let’s take, say, soccer. You’d need a ball, the right footwear, and a goal if you’re going to play a version of the sport that looks like the real thing. The ball will be cheap, but everything else? Those costs add up, and in the case of the footwear, will need to be replaced over time. The good news is that you generally only need to buy the bulky, most expensive pieces of equipment once.

Having the Right Gear

You can’t go out to engage in your favorite sport wearing your everyday clothes! You need the shorts, shoes, and shirts – not to mention various other apparel – that has been custom made for sports. And generally, you want to buy the best stuff: the sport is more comfortable to play if you’re wearing high-quality clothing that was designed for top-end performance. Walk into a sports store, and you might blink twice at the cost of these items, but there are cheaper ways to buy. Take a look at Nike discounts and deals, and you’ll be able to make big savings on your essential sportswear. The best clothing only looks expensive to begin with. Once you know where to look, things become much more manageable.

Attending a Match

Of course, if you’re an avid sports fan, then you’re not just playing the activity; you’re going to see the best athletes in the world compete against each other. Here, the costs can really add up. Tickets to an NFL game can cost big bucks, and that’s before the cost of travel, food, and drinks at the stadium have been factored in. Tickets for other sports, such as baseball, can be much cheaper, however, though again, you’re going to be sitting there for 4+ hours and will likely drop a fair amount of cash buying snacks and drinks, especially if you take your family along with you.

A Lifelong Commitment

So is sports expensive? The answer is yes and no. If you’re happy to do your own thing and don’t mind missing out on the latest and best equipment, tickets, and so on, then it’ll account for a small fraction of your salary. If you want to go to the Superbowl every year and can’t wear the same jersey twice, then it’ll cost a lot, yes.

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