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5 Reasons to Start Scuba Diving

Posted on January 24, 2020 by Ronald Mccarthy

A trip to a tropical island can be an opportunity to discover the underwater world with scuba diving. We often find the same hesitations when diving: fear of breathing underwater, fear of depth, fear of panicking. However, once the first apprehensions are overcome, diving has many advantages!

Are you still hesitating? Here are some great reasons to go scuba diving.

Discover a whole new world

On average, water covers 80% of the Earth. Visiting only dry places is limited to 20% of the landscapes! Underwater, you will find sandy bottoms, rocks, coral reefs but also canyons, peaks and caves. The flora consists of the simplest green algae with the most colorful soft corals, passing through a whole range of shapes and colors.

The adventure

Water is not our natural environment. Taking the plunge, figuratively as well as literally, is getting out of your comfort zone to explore a place and a new environment. There are a lot of types of diving: wreck diving, deep diving, night diving or drift diving, each one bringing its share of adventures!


Underwater, you will only hear the sound of your bubbles on each expiration. Breathing slowly and deeply is the basis of relaxation. In the event of hard blows, we calm down by breathing quietly and slowly. In the same way, in Yoga, in particular, we practice breathing which allows you to hear your breathing, making the Yogi more poised and more concentrated. We then understand why spending 1 hour underwater listening to each of your breaths allows you to be relaxed and relaxed. Today, the scuba diving equipment comes in different shapes and sizes that allow you to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.

A diving experience to prove something

On vacation, we no longer need to be defined by our habits, our work, our families. We can be whoever we want. Sometimes, leaving your routine, without necessarily needing to go to the other side of the world, you discover yourself in a new light. The metro-work-dodo rhythm knocks you out, and you may have lost your side “sparkling”. To break the routine, nothing like doing something out of the ordinary. 

The diving atmosphere

Becoming a diver is like being accepted into a private club. Communicating underwater requires learning a specific sign language. So, you and your diving friends could give you signs that only divers understand. Sharing the same passion, similar experiences and the same language, you immediately feel accepted!

In addition, diving is a sport that is practiced at least in pairs, with a buddy. You can come and register alone at a diving center; you will never be alone underwater. As diving is an outdoor sport, most divers are also fans of other sports adventures, including surfing, skiing and paragliding. Chances are you will share common passions!

Underwater silence is gold

We often nicknamed the big blue “the world of silence”. Underwater, no cars, no phones, no voices: only the sound of bubbles. In fact, more than one diver will tease you by saying “if you want to optimize your smartphone battery to the maximum, put it on the table and go dive! In our urbanized world, silence is an almost forgotten rarity. Whether it is the traffic noise, the neighbors or simply the TV making it sound, there is little opportunity to offer a few minutes of silence. To experience the silence of the ocean is to condemn yourself to want to dive again and again!

Meeting with sea creatures

From the largest and most impressive underwater creatures such as turtles, manta rays or sharks, to the tiniest such as nudibranchs, a kind of colorful sea slug, and the pygmy seahorse whose average size does not exceed 16mm, the underwater encounters are rich and varied. The fauna and flora vary greatly from one end of the planet to the other.

As a child, we are often taught about “farm animals”. Rarely do we have the opportunity to learn more about the underwater world. However, the ocean can boast of unequaled biodiversity, to be discovered as soon as possible!

Passion sport, without competition

The recreational diving is a sport without competition. It is a kind of underwater hike, a visit to a magical place, a walk with friends. There is no point, and there is no referee, there is nothing to be won. It is a sharing sport, which is practiced only exceptionally and almost always with a buddy or even a whole group of divers.

Of course, if you like competition, you can go for diving which allows you to beat depth records by going well below the depth limit for recreational diving.

Fitness and physical exercises

Diving, like most water sports, allows you to exercise without any pressure on the joints. With each dive, you enjoy one hour of swimming, palming, fortifying your thighs and glutes. It is estimated that a 45-minute dive will burn approximately 550 calories, the equivalent of an hour on a bicycle.

Are you an ecological skeptic? Dive, you will see ecology differently

Before diving, many divers were sensitive to climate issues, but not committed to the cause for the climate. 90% of the population, and how can we blame them? The effects of pollution are only visible in the wilderness or on the other side of the world. This observation is even more true for marine ecology. The marine ecosystem is foreign to most of the population because it is sometimes too intimidating, oppressive or even scary to cross. But be sure that once you have contemplated the quarrels of neighborhood of fish on a reef, observe a washing station where parade fish with their tailed  leu waiting to be washed, observed a Ray broom Manta or even approached a shark close enough to marvel (without fear) at its smooth skin and its predator ease, you will change your mind. You will understand how these animals, so intimidating in premium on board by means of articles damaging their reputation, are only beauty. You will feel privileged and lucky to be around these animals so close, in their natural environment. Soon, you will want to fight for these marine beings, who suffer the consequences of our adolescent decisions even though they occupy an essential place for the survival of the human species.


Each diver will find himself in one or other of the above reasons, some dive to discover the aquatic fauna while others highlight the side “relaxation” diving. Take the plunge! Your diving experience will, in any case, be a moment that will remain etched in your memory. This is one of those adventure experiences that you will never regret having – and the best part is, now it is completely safe if you do it the right way.

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