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How Good is Rugby for Individual Health?

Posted on March 30, 2020 by Andrew Williams

Rugby is not just a game, no. It is also natural medicine for those who value their mental and bodily health. Additionally, playing rugby has many health benefits. Although rugby looks quite aggressive and traumatic, it is indeed beneficial for your health in some ways you might not even suppose. Here the experts of Parimatch discuss the leading health benefits you can enjoy by playing it.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Let’s start the health benefits list with the heart. When you play this game, your heart benefits enjoys good health and reasonable heartbeats. These benefits result from activities such as sprinting, running, and throwing because they encourage the heart to function more effectively.

Reduced Stress Levels

Stress is the new mental health pandemic killing our generation because when prolonged, it leads to other health complications. For instance, it produces insomnia, abdominal complications, cancer, and diabetes.  Fortunately, you can reduce your stress levels by playing rugby. How does it happen? When you engage in such a team game, it boosts your mood because rugby acts as a stress and frustration release point. It also releases the “feel good” hormones or endorphins that enhance your feelings. 

Besides, playing rugby exposes you to opportunities to triumph over challenging situations. Consequently, your ability and morale to face stress-causing circumstances off the pitch increases.

Increased Endurance

Life is a marathon. Therefore, it needs endurance and stamina to face its challenges with a long-term approach. By playing rugby, you expose yourself to enhanced bodily and mental endurance. Moreover, it develops your leg muscles through constant running, throwing, and battling activities. 

Enhanced Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Rugby is not just a physical game. It is also a highly mental game that can shape your mental health for the better. So, how does rugby help to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing? First, it’s essential to understand that it’s a team game. Therefore, every player has their place and function in the team, which creates a sense of usefulness, appreciation, and belonging in the players’ minds. The team spirit offers moral support and a form of a secondary family setting. Consequently, such players are less prone to stress’s debilitating effect. Also, rugby players are less exposed to depression.

Better Weight Management

Obesity is a considerable health problem facing millions of people, especially in the developed world. Fortunately, rugby can play a significant role in reducing this monster and helping you to manage your weight. Why and how does it do that? When you play rugby, you engage in extensive bodily activities that burn fats and keep you fit. Although playing rugby alone doesn’t cure weight problems, it’s a key ingredient when you combine it with a proper diet.

Better Bone Health

Lastly, playing rugby is good for your bone health. Remember, your bones are your body’s primary core. Therefore, when they are weak, every other body part that holds on them becomes vulnerable, too. Playing rugby increases your bone density, ensuring you don’t suffer osteoporosis. It happens when the movements you make on the field stress your bones. This excess stressing of the bones activates calcium deposits along with the stressed areas, hence, increasing your bone density.

Can you see the physical and mental health benefits of playing rugby? The choice is yours to find the best ways of enjoying these invaluable health benefits.

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