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Making NCAA Basketball Predictions for Beginners

Posted on December 24, 2020 by Kumar Vishnu

Basketball can be serious business to a lot of people, and NCAAB (National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball) can be an extremely important part of college basketball for many fans. Even before games start, it is easy to focus on future NCAAB picks, and there is sometimes money to be made in making NCAAB basketball predictions of your own. But why do it, and what is it for?

Why should you make NCAA basketball predictions?

Predictions aren’t just a personal preference that you use to focus on a team that you like: they can be an important way of trying to identify possible upsets and underdogs and can really draw you into the experience. For some people, they are also a good way to make money, focusing on personal or ‘professional’ bets before the games have even begun.

Beginners and newcomers to the idea of predictions need to remember that there is no such thing as a “100% chance” of a particular result – there is a reason that upsets have become so popular, with many players actually hoping for them simply because of the drama and excitement that they can cause.

What are upsets?

Upsets are any event that goes against the general predictions the public will have made. For example, if the fan-favorite team goes up against an underdog with a much lower win rate, most people will expect that fan-favorite team to win. If the underdogs push ahead and managed to win by even a small lead, it can be considered a small upset, invalidating otherwise safe bets and creating a short media tornado as people gradually hear about what happened.

There can also be large upsets, such as the country’s most beloved teams being beaten thoroughly by an inexperienced group that doesn’t have any wins under their belt. Some people will be upset, some will be shocked, but a lot will be enthralled simply because of the drama.

How do I make predictions?

There isn’t a single way to make predictions because predictions are based on whatever you decide to base them on. At a personal level, you might decide to focus your predictions on the number of wins that a team has and their overall win rate, whereas another person might look at the individual players involves. However, there are some methods and tools to get slightly more accurate NCAA basketball predictions.

NCAAB Picks Systems

Some companies offer purchasable prediction systems that are basically designed to give you a full set of NCAA data, convert it into an easy-to-digest format, and then suggest the most likely NCAAB picks or results that you might be looking for. This can be anything from a simple spreadsheet to a full-on bankroll system and 1-to-1 support features.

Most of these revolve around a custom formula and a lot of data streaming, so results will change and update on a regular basis to keep your information fresh and accurate. Even better than that, some will even offer ways for you to place bets directly through them, skipping the need to remember your predictions while you use a different service to bet.

Personal Experience

If you are a long-term fan of a certain team and understand how they have performed against specific rival teams in the past, then you might have an idea of how likely they are to win. This relies entirely on what you know, since even if you have a computer algorithm to put the data together, you can only go off your personal experience and whatever you can research online. However, it is also a relatively cheap way of getting some simple details.

Remember that teams, rules, and stadiums can all change over time. Even a single player being replaced or substituted out can swing the direction of the entire game, and there are no ways to guarantee that even the best teams will win every time. NCAA basketball predictions and NCAAB picks are still just that – predictions and picks.

If you are interested in making bets on NCAA basketball, either with friends or at a more professional level, then don’t be afraid to start looking into proper NCAA basketball predictions to help you make the right choice. There are a lot of ways to approach it, but doing it correctly can take some learning.

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