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Sports Then and Now


Posted on March 23, 2021 by Cathy Carter

Sport is indeed a big part of every society. Playing a game or watching sport games and placing tips or picks on the scores have always been a thrilling means of recreation.

That being said, some areas of sports are more compelling in tipping than others. Most Sport fans in Australia watch games and follow them while they are part of some sort of tipping competition with their friends & family. 

Due to the popularity of friendly tipping competitions sport fans in Australia are always looking for accurate odds online. 

In the modern world, tipping is simpler than ever before – anyone can tip online without really having to leave the living room – it is only a case of a few steps. 

Here’s a list of the most popular sports in australians tip on 

Rugby League: 

Australians have their own way to play rugby however most  rugby matches in Australia  start with a kick-off as one side kicks the ball towards the opposing half and then tries to take hold of it. The team in charge then continues to shift the ball up the pitch by hand or kicking it. There are guidelines on how to pass the ball and also how long the teams will be allowed to maintain hold of it until it passes to their rivals. 

The National Rugby League is one of the most loved and enjoyed sporting events in Australia. Aussies enjoy the game by not just watching it but tipping on it and religiously keeping track of their favourite teams and players to keep up with the NRL odds.

Football League: 

It is no wonder why football is always at the top of the list – it’s one of the most popular sports in terms of playing, viewing, and Tipping in particular. The very same applies through Australia – it’s a popular pastime to tip on football games. The much more popular football team in Australia is the AFL, and it is also the league that most people tip on. 

When a football match is very competitive and unpredictable, teams also provide their fans and players with statistics from past matches. They will help them make better-informed choices instead of wild guessing.


Cricket is another national sport of the United Kingdom, and obviously, the same holds for Australia. As a nation that was once under the British Crown rule, the country acquired the affection of this particular discipline. Cricket has been around in the field of sport for a long time, and it is easy to predict as a game, and so it is pretty effortless to tip on. To be successful, however, the tipper must keep track of the tipping performance. It can be useful to estimate the success of tips and foresee any possible moves.

Basketball League:

In the same way as football, basketball has lots of players and fans across the world. Therefore, it is indeed prevalent in regards to betting. In Australia, the NBL – National Basketball League is the nation’s biggest male basketball contest, and many people tip on NBL matches.

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