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Firearm Safety 101: Tips to Follow as a First-Time Gun Owner

Posted on October 06, 2022 by Brooke Chaplan

In the past decade, gun sales have increased significantly in the US. This begs the question of whether these guns are treated with the safety concerns they deserve. If you are a first-time gun owner, you should learn the following basics of firearm safety. Doing so will help you be more responsible and avoid accidents from occurring in the long run.

 Always Treat All Guns as Loaded

As a gun owner, always respect the ability of the tool by treating it as loaded at all times. Before doing anything else, check whether or not it is loaded. If you aren’t able to do so, seek assistance from an experienced gun owner. Also, you should always keep your finger off the trigger, even if the firearm is unloaded. This habit will help prevent accidental discharge or mistakes in the future. While checking if the gun is loaded or not, always remember to point it away from yourself or another person, even if it is not loaded.

Get Some Training

As a gun owner, getting as much training on firearm safety as possible before heading to a gun shop is important. This will help you understand the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm. As a golden rule, you are advised to refrain from using a firearm unless you are fully familiar with it. One way to get familiar with your gun, after you have learned the safety behind it, is to go with an experienced gun holder to a shooting range. This will give you a chance to practice what it is like and what to expect when shooting.

Avoid Carrying a Gun in Your Pocket

The other thing you should do is avoid carrying a handgun in your pocket. Having a firearm in your pocket is extremely risky as the trigger can easily point toward the ground, and this can lead to an accidental discharge. If it is a must, you carry it in your pocket and ensure it is in a well-sealed holster. This will also help people around you get a better idea of what the purpose of the gun is. Having it placed without the holster is not only dangerous but can also give people the wrong idea when carrying it.

Know Your Target and What Lies Beyond

Gunshots can never be called back. As a gun owner, you should ensure they are aimed at the intended target. Knowing what lies beyond your target also helps protect people or buildings that may be in the line of fire. On the same note, never pull the trigger at moving objects unless you are absolutely certain you can hit your target or when necessary.

Always Use the Correct Ammunition

You should always check and make sure the ammunition you are using is approved for your firearm. Using incorrect ammunition can lead to personal injuries, fire failure, and firearm damage. Therefore, read through the firearms manual as well as ammunition boxes to ensure the specifications match. If you are still struggling to find which ammunition works for your firearm, contact the seller for more information.

Final Thoughts

Firearms are dangerous tools that should be handled with great care. If you are a first-time gun owner, ensure you read through the manual and seek assistance from an experienced gun owner. Also, heed to safety tips mentioned above to protect yourself, other people, and your properties. Always gain training experience with your firearm, never point it unintentionally at a living target, and be mindful of your surroundings when aiming to shoot.

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