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Ways to Prepare Your Bike Before Exercising

Posted on October 23, 2022 by Brooke Chaplan

Getting your bike prepared and ready before riding is critical for all riders. Whether you compete in races, relax on the trails, or use your bike for general transportation, you need to get it ready ahead of time for it to yield the best results. So, whether you’re trying to learn basic maintenance, or how to get a perfect fit, these tips will teach you how to get your bike rider-ready in no time.

Inspect the Brakes

Your brakes are a safety essential, and, as such, should always be in pristine condition. As such, you should check your brake pads often because they will wear out over time. To do this, take a simple ride in your yard and pump the brakes once you gain some speed. If they are not functioning 100%, it is time to replace the pads.

Lubricate the Drivetrain

You will need to lubricate your chain well before you ride. This ensures that the lube sinks into the chain deeply and dust and dirt do not stick to the chain, which will happen if you lubricate and then ride your bike immediately after. Add only a small amount and be sure to wipe off any excess.

Get a Comprehensive Fit

You will get the most comfort and performance from your bike if it is adjusted perfectly to you. Professionals, like at Plan 7 Coaching, analyze your leg length differences, knee and hip angles, and how your forefoot influences your pedaling and knee alignment.

You can even find the perfect saddle for assisting your upper body position, which builds your core strength. And, with the added foot support, it allows you to produce more power effortlessly and in a painless manner.

Tighten Screws, Bolts, and Nuts

Make sure your bike doesn’t come apart during a ride. Keep it in one piece by checking all of its nuts, screws, and bolts. Make sure none are loose, or worse yet, missing. And, always carry spares when you ride in case of emergencies.

Check Both Tires

If you don’t want to stop your ride to change out a flat, always check the pressure of both tires with a floor pump prior to going out. You should also look for any slits, holes, or other damage that can also lead to a flat. Lastly, inspect your treads to make sure your tires are not bare and can still grip the road.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to prepare your bike for general use, competitive racing, and basic exercise. And, by getting your bike ready and adjusted to your needs, you can be sure you can get the most out of it, no matter what you use it for.

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